Tracking Dr. Hinton in Vancouver (2009)
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Inside the Olympic Oval,
most likely won't be here
next year (2010)
Richmond Olympic Oval
already in service
River with Miranda Leung,
Dr. M.C. Poon (Calgary)
and wife
Lights on!
at dusk
What a beautiful sunset!
Capturing the sunset in
The FA66 group in front of
Empress Hotel, Victoria
From Sea to Sky!
Nothing much, just a
typical B.C. scenery...
Gone with the wind?
My favourite teacher!
Spring is here!
After the double expresso
at the Marina Cafe, a walk
down the pier to enjoy the
B.C. sun!
Wow, he is so friendly!
Smile, Patrick and Julie!
I've got to take this shot!
What's so interesting?
Two long time friends
sharing a joyous moment!
I want to be in the picture
Look, he's here!
What a model!
Both Kinsley and his better
half, Terry, deserves a
For once, Dr. Hinton is not
the subject of our shoot
A stroll in the Beacon Park,
Waiting for mashmellows...
Dr. Hinton, remember
Camp fire is burning,
camp fire is burning, draw
nearer, draw nearer...
And then, dinner time!!!
Quiet and peaceful...
Yummy! Sweet dumplings
are almost ready...
Picnic at Gold Stream Park
Snack time - LB's home
made sweet dumplings
A strange find while
digging clams
My to steam,
so fresh!
Davideo with his catch of
the morning!
Another break from eating
to take a picture of other
Dr. Hinton took a break
from eating and smiles at
the camera!
After a while, the sun finally
rises at 5:20 a.m.
And I can do this!
This is how we did the
action to this song in the
good old days!
Need a flashlight!
Happy campers on waters
Canoe trip at Sai Kung
Camp? Re-living a dream
of years gone by!
A rare picture of busybee
leader Kinsley Lo!
Elisha has to hide outside
to enjoy his steamed crab!
Dr. Hinton: I hope you are
not going to finish
everything on the table!
And...there is food on the
coffee table!
And Elisha likes eggs!
So much choices, even for
Only meal time would get
everybody together
Dr. Hinton's favourite
bench by the water's edge
James HK and Nancy
Tang arrived to join them
while vacationing with
Exploring Chemainus
FA66 group at the Inn of
the Sea Resort, Nanaimo
QESOSA Ontario