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Principals and Teachers
Harmonica Club etc.
Drama Club etc.
Class Party etc.
Class Picnic etc.
Back To The Future
Some 2004 photos
Ann Ma's farewell gathering
Student Sponsorship Program
In Memory of Mr. Chu Ka Fai
68FA 2003 35th Reunion
68FA mini reunions
68FA Collection #1
68FA Collection #2
61FA mini reunions
GJC Homecoming Day
More GJC pictures...
Class of 61FA
67FA mini reunion
Hui Wah Sinn Toronto visit
68FA Donation to QESOSA
School Plaque
Other OSA Activities
QESOSA Ontario
1955 QES Under Construction
This is an extensive collection of pictures of our past and present. You will see some
rare photos of the glorious yesteryears of our mother school as well as current
pictures taken in 2004. QES past and present pictures courtesy of Mi Ki Kan (1957).
Doctor Hinton...
Farewell Dinner Sept 11, 2005
65FA Spain Trip
68FA Collection #3
Nancy's Trip to the West
Spring Celebration
May 6, 2006
Niagara Trip
May 12, 2007
Watch 68FA Reunion 2008
China Tour Slide Show
QESOSA Ontario 20th
Anniversary Dinner
Jun 21, 2009,Photos set #1
QESOSA Ontario 20th
Anniversary Dinner
Jun 21, 2009,Photos set #2
Watch 68FA Reunion 2008
Gala Dinner Slide Show
Watch 68FA Reunion 2008
School Visit Slide Show
AGM Dinner
Nov 14, 2009
Y.K.Leung from QESAAUSA
visits Toronto, 2009
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