This is the Plaque presented to our Mother School during the Golden Jubilee
Celebration on behalf of QESOSA NSW Australia, Ontario and USA Chapters
QESOSA Ontario
                                                                                                                                   By Nancy Kit-Sze (Leung) Tang, 65

Golden Jubilee Year of Queen Elizabeth School Day Book, January 2004- July 2005

The supply of this free diary for all QES students was shipped over from Hong Kong early in the year. They were then distributed by the
Chapter through many means to our members, personal delivery by car, in person at various gatherings, by mail to those living at a
distance, and through various pick up points around town.

A Plaque for QES – a joint venture with the overseas chapters

Many of us in making plans for the year 2004 have the QES Golden Jubilee Celebration in Hong Kong on top of our agenda. Whether
reservations were made on line, by mail, through classmates in Hong Kong or other OSAs, we are anticipating an exciting experience.
Just to think of a heart-warming handshake with old friends and curtains will raise for a time of remember when…

As individual supports were spreading like wild fires among old students, our Board of Directors initiated a joint venture with other
known Old Student associations around the world in support of our beloved Alma Mater, Queen Elizabeth School.

Hoping this proposed co-operation would meet with positive response, we connected with the other Old Student associations to search
for the best revenue to support this important endeavour. Meanwhile, Mr. Heung Sang Tsoi and Mrs. Susana Tsoi, who holds the
significant role of the Chairperson of the GJC Steering Committee, visited Toronto. Susana greatly enlightened our directors and we
came to realize that the GJC Fundraising Committee is facing tremendous challenges to organize the GJC and the Gala.

We continued to explore methods within our boundaries of contribution while soliciting support from other Old Student Chapters. We
were elated when both the Australia (NSW) Chapter and the US Alumni Association jumped on board immediately. The British Columbia
Chapter, however, decided to make their own contribution.

After a lot of co-ordination and as a result of team work from our Directors – Roger Kwan’s enlisting a graphic designer who practically
donated his time, Lee Shiu Ki composed the body of the presentation, a Chinese poem proclaiming our love and gratitude to our
school, together with the support from the NSW Australia Chapter and the US Alumni Association, a memorial plaque is being made for
presentation to our mother school during the Golden Jubilee Celebration Gala on November 28th 2004.  

GJC Gala Sponsorship by Australia, Ontario and US

In order to demonstrate our total support to the Golden Jubilee Celebration, the three Overseas’ chapters, the QESOSA NSW Australia
Chapter and the QES US Alumni Association, and the QESOSA Ontario Chapter, jointly together pledge a sponsorship, as a bronze
Patron, to the Hong Kong QES Old Students’ Association Ltd.

Not able to attend? You can still participate. Here is HOW:

- Make a donation, from HK$100 to any amount you desire
- Purchase souvenirs, for yourself or as a gift
- Go to the GJC links in our website for exciting things happening

To see pictures of the souvenirs available for purchase, click here.
Golden Jubilee Year of Queen Elizabeth School - 2004