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Our 2016 AGM Lunch Gathering was held on November 19, 2016. We invited a guest speaker, Dr.
Ambrose Ma (馬文廣博士), to give a talk on the topic “How to Enrich Your Retirement Life” (簡介老
年學的理論與應用). Dr. Ma is currently an executive in the 民生促進會 in Toronto. He is also a
weekly guest speaker on the radio station "AM1430" in Toronto. Before emigration to Canada, he
was 香港大學前社會行政及社會工作學系副教授.

His talk covered these topics:
-  簡單闡明四個理論 (Role, Activity, Disengagement and Continuity Theories)
-  建議如何應用在日常生活,以豐盛黄金歲月

Following were the photos taken during the gathering.
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