1. Mr. Cheong Wai-Fung
2. Mr. Arthur Hinton
3. Mr. T. McC. Chamberlain
4. Mr. H.N. McNeil              
5. Mr. Tan Peng-Kian
6. Dr. Su Chung-Jen
7. Mr. Chan Ping-Tat  
8. Mr. Yeung Chi-Hung  
9. Mrs. Sin Chow Dick-Yee
10. Mr. Yeung Chi-Hung
11. Mrs. Pang Cheung Yee-Fan
12. Mr. Tong Kwok Keung
13. Mr. Chan Ka Wai
14. Mr. Yuen Kwong Yip
QES in 2004
QESOSA Ontario

Queen Elizabeth School was conceived in 1952, the year of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, which served to inspire
the name.  The school started its first day in September, 1954, under the roof of King's College, while the school
building was being erected on a hill at the junction of Prince Edward Road and Sai Yee Street.

When it started in 1954, QES was the first Co-ed Government Anglo-Chinese Secondary School in Hong Kong.  

The brand new school building was completed in 1955 and first opened for use at the start of second term of 1955-56
school year.  In summer of 1956, our first Form 5 classes graduated.

Rather than concentrating on text books and rigid academic curriculum, the students at QES have always enjoyed
encouragement to take part in a multitude of extra-curriculum activities.  There were societies for Drama, Art, Science,
Astronomy, Wireless (now Computer), Mathematics, Public Speaking, Poetry, Music, Choir, Boy & Girl Scouts, Red
Cross, and more.  And, of course, sports.

In 1962, our Parents and Teachers Association established a School Camp in Sai Kung for the use of students and
teachers, for recreation as well as leadership development.

In 2004, QES celebrated her 50th Anniversary and this was called "Golden Julilee Celebration". Click the "GJC" tab on
left hand side to see the announcement of the celebrations at that time, and click "Photo Albums" to see the photos
taken during the celebration activities in Hong Kong.
Principals of Queen Elizabeth School
韓   敦
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