Remembering Miss Ruth Wong (Mrs. Ko)

-- by Peter Tin-Yau Poon (60FA)

I always remember how kind, loving, and caring our outstanding teacher Miss
Ruth Wong (Mrs. Ko) was to me and to all those who knew her at Queen
Elizabeth School.  Fifty years ago, Miss Ruth Wong invited me to live with her
and her amiable parents at their lovely home for several months as I needed a
place to live temporarily before leaving Hong Kong for the United States.  

She impacted my life so much by the way she lived - she was a loving daughter
to her wonderful parents, she had genuine care for all her students, and she had
a deep faith in God. She prayed for missionaries and provided resources to
them regularly. She told me lovingly about her siblings who had all gone
abroad, especially her youngest, friendly brother Freddie whom I knew very
well at QES.

She and I kept in touch all these years.  She was happy to receive articles about
NASA JPL Mars missions and the Cassini Mission to Saturn, in which I
expressed appreciation to Miss Ruth Wong, Mr. Arthur Hinton, and others during
my interviews by reporters.

In May 2015, Mable and I visited her and Mr. Paul Ko in Toronto. We marveled at
the love between them, their faithfulness to God, and their dedication as
volunteers in Meals on Wheels for many years. We were thrilled when they
showed us the pictures of their children and grandchildren.

Recently I had nice, long chats with her on the phone twice.  She was very
appreciative of the love of her family, the outpouring of support from her former
students, and the prayers of Christian sisters and brothers. She expressed
thanks for the daily prayers of Mable and me for her.

Mrs. Ruth Wong Ko is now resting in the love and peace of our Heavenly Father
whom she loved and trusted throughout her life. I shall always treasure the
memories of her smiles, her faithfulness to God, her intelligence, her
excellence in teaching, her empathy, her dedication to her students and Queen
Elizabeth School, her love towards family and friends, and her many acts of
kindness which reflected the love of God.

P.S. I would like to share the following old photo showing Miss Ruth Wong and
Miss M.G. Knowles (Vice Principal), and prefects of 1960-1961 at a prefects’
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