Words of condolence from QES 68FA classmates

-- by Donald Yan (68FA)

I've always enjoyed her biology classes.  She is one of my favorite teachers

My deepest condolence for Ms. Ruth Wong's family. May her soul rest in peace.

Sad to hear the news. Ms Ruth Wong is my loving and respectable teacher.

May she Rest In Peace. She will forever be in my heart.

Very sad to hear that Ms Ruth Wong has passed away. May she rest in peace!

Ruth Wong 老師是很好的屬靈模範. 她是聖經老師,培訓教會很多信徒. 生命影響生
命.  VP Ruth Wong 在伊中時帶領Christian Fellowship, 受到造就. Ruth 老師在教會
教導主日學, 甚得讚賞. 她在 QES 帶領 Christian fellowship, 可能知道的人不多, 我就
是在 Miss Wong 帶領的 Bible Study 真正明白救恩而決志,當時是 Form 4. 感謝
神,亦感謝 Miss Wong.

The following is a photo taken at Baptist Church in Toronto:

From left: Ellen (Michael’s wife), Michael Ngai (68FA), Virginia (Allan’s wife), Allan Wong 王春明(68FA),
Mrs. Ruth (Wong) Ko, Mr. Paul Ko, Ivy Yan (71FA), Donald Yan (68FA)

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