A present for the new couple
The happiest couple in town!
Our President Henry Lee presenting a souvenir to Ann
The new couple with some Board members
QESOSA Ontario

Our Ann Ma says "I do!"

I bet the name of 'Ann Ma' is familiar to a lot of us in the QESOSA(Ontario)
Chapter. Ann had been serving our Chapter for a relative long and significant
period of time as a member of the Board of Directors (BoD's). You might have
been called by her as she cordially invited you to our Chapter's functions.

This April a postcard from Rome (Italy) brought me Ann's greetings, when I read
between the lines, I got the feelings something big and good is going to happen to
Ann. Yes, she's going to make Rome her home.

Around May 12, Ann tendered resignation as BoD to our President, Henry Lee,
and notified him right away she's going to marry and settle down in Rome. You
can't imagine the felicity the BoD's had upon hearing of this breaking news. We
all said mere congratulations via phone calls and emails were not good enough;
however, Ann was going to leave on May 24, we needed to act as quickly as

With the usual efficient collaboration among Board Members, Ann's farewell
lunch was held on May 22, Saturday. It was the attraction in town for our present
and former BoD's and the class of 1970, in a total including Ann and her fiance,
there were 32 participants.

Our Bride-to-be was extraordinarily beautiful on that day, this future Mrs Poon
never lets us down, she told us the romance from her first meeting with Mr Paolo
Poon at a restaurant in Rome 31 years ago when she was a travelling guide
leading a group of HK visitors to Europe. We were amazed by the 'story' and
rejoiced at a happy ending.

For those of you we didn't have the chance to be notified for Ann's farewell
lunch, you know what, we didn't forget you, the pictures taken would be able to
tell you how we attended the gathering with mixed feelings. By the way, I heard
on the spot at least a couple of QESOSA(Ontario) Chapter Italy tours, to be
arranged, as the usual Ann, she welcomes our visit.

If one day Ann tells us the inception of the QESOSA European Chapter, we
won't be surprised with our usual candid, enthusiastic, cheerful Ann.

by Erica Fong (81)

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Miss Ann Ma, one of our Directors, got married !