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some of the assertions of the medical world,” says Am Ang on his blog http://cockroachcatcher.blogspot.com/.

    "The Cockroach Catcher" is based on the central character of Am Ang Zhang, who was born in Kunming,
    Yunnan just as the Second World War was ending. He was educated in Hong Kong and later became an
    eminent child psychiatrist half way round the world in England.

    “The Cockroach Catcher” contains Am Ang’s personal view of the human psyche. Cases range from simple
    childhood toilet and sleep problems to anorexia nervosa, abuse and psychosis. There are also cases of
    “entrepreneurs” in the making, and cases that turn out not to be psychiatric at all. “The Cockroach Catcher”
    provides a glimpse of this world through one specialist’s eyes and will be of interest to health care
    practitioners and the general public.

    “I just have these fascinating stories to tell. Anybody can read them. They do not have to be in the medical
    profession,” says Am Ang.

    "The Cockroach Catcher" is available on Amazon.com and lulu.com. Interested readers can preview a chapter
    at http://www.lulu.com/content/1772066.

    You're also welcome to visit Am Ang's blog http://cockroachcatcher.blogspot.com/
Alumnus Published Debut Fiction on Child Psychiatry
    A QES alumnus of year 1961 who is a renowned child
    psychiatrist in the UK has recently published is debut
    fiction entitled “The Cockroach Catcher”. The book is
    an anecdotal collection of child and adolescent
    psychiatric cases that our alumnus had treated during
    his 30 year career. To protect the identities of his
    patients, he uses the pen name Am Ang Zhang (sound
    it out and you may be able to decipher it).

    “Before my retirement, I practised child psychiatry for
    30 years, 25 of which as a consultant and director.
The author at 2,
taken in Shanghai 1947
taken in Shanghai 1947