QESOSA Ontario
2018 AGM Lunch on October 20, 2018
The Annual Meeting

Our 2018 Annual Meeting was successfully held on Saturday, October 20th, at the North York Chinese Baptist Church.  Once
again, thanks are due to our alumni Donald and Ivy Yan.  With their help and support, we were able to hold our meeting in this
leisurely and serene setting, with a sun-drenched lounge, as well as many amenities.

Our treasurer, Roger Kwan, reported that our association’s financial standing was strong, even though there had been no
avenue for income in recent years.  The QESOSA Schools Scholarship funds we established years ago continue to serve the
2 primary schools and 2 secondary schools.

There were nominations for 3 new officers.  Both Kwok Mang-Cheung (FA64) and Jackie Chiu Sin-Pun (FA65), who were
present at the meeting, accepted the nominations.  We are waiting for a reply from the third nominee.

In Memorial

We were honoured by the presence of a very special guest and his family.  Mr. Paul Ko, husband of our late beloved teacher
and Head Mistress, Mrs. Ruth Wong Ko, came with their daughters, Katherine and Winnie.

In memory of a dedicated teacher, a true Christian with the kindest heart, and whom we used to address as Miss Ruth Wong,
the Ko family generously donated C$30,000 to our mother school.  The fund will be set up to help financially needy students
to continue their education.  This is reminiscent of the many generous deeds that Mrs. Ko had quietly done throughout her
years at QES.  There had been numerous stories of her acts of kindness, as related decades after by many alumni, who
invariably expressed their utmost gratitude and admiration to her.  We now further realize that this world has lost a great
human being.  Rest In Peace, Mrs. Ruth Wong Ko.

The Draw

The OSA Ontario will proudly turn 30 next year and that calls for a big year of celebration!  With regard to the celebratory
activities, many members (and families) had put forward lots of suggestions, recommendations, remarks, and comments.  
They provided the submissions through phone, email, WhatsApp, as well as in person at the annual meeting.  A lucky draw
was carried out for all the submissions.

We had 4 lucky winners:  Erica Kam, George/Winnie Wong, James Chan and Yvonne Chiu.  Those absent are to claim their
prizes at our next gathering.

Looking forward

Reflections of the past 29 years bring us much anticipation for 2019 and beyond.  The 30th Anniversary would be a great
milestone.  It’s most precious that we had all grown up in the QES family, and many decades later and thousands of miles
away, we found each other!  What a blessing indeed!  We know that each and every one of our members shares the same

The new board will meet and plan activities after reviewing all the ideas submitted.  In response to popular demand, we will
definitely carry on to our 30th anniversary year the “A Walk in the Park” series.  There will be other events and activities - so
please stay tuned, and please plan to attend them all.

NOTE: As QES will celebrate its 65th anniversary on Saturday, November 23, 2019 with a banquet planned at
Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong, we will not plan any activities during that month.

The party

Everyone enjoyed the buffet style lunch - the food was more than adequate, the atmosphere easy and free.  We shared ideas
and did some catching-up with one another, and before long, it was time to cleanup.  True to the QES spirit, all chipped in to
help, returning the place to a spotless condition in no time!

We regrettably missed Mrs. Phyllis Chow of Fort Erie this time because of some medical concern - we hope to see her more
next year!

Reported by Nancy Tang (FA65)
Following are the photos taken during the gathering.

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