QESOSA Ontario
The 3rd Walk in our ‘A Walk in the Park’ Series
-- at Lake Wilcox Park, Richmond Hill, on September 1, 2018
Above photo from left:

Henry Lai (63), Alfred Liu (63), Ruby Liu (Alfred's), Au Kin Ki (63), Yvonne Au (Kin Ki's),
Cheung Man Kong (Agnes'), Jenny Lai (Henry's), Agnes Lee (73), Chan Chi Hung (65), Yvonne Chiu (73),
Pinky Man (73), Selwyn Chow (61), Letty Chow (Selwyn's), Nancy Tang (65), Winnie Woo (61), James Tang (61),
Mr. Woo (Winnie's).

Photographer not in above photo (but in the photo below) -- Timothy Chiu (Yvonne's)
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On Saturday September 1st we met at Lake Wilcox Park of Richmond Hill, right by the Oak Ridge Community Centre
and Pool. As the previous two times, we gathered at 9:00 am by the parking lot.

Before we conquered the trail around Lake Wilcox, we tried a little stretch exercise that helps to relax the upper part of our
body - the ’10 intricate hand movements’ (十巧手) consisting of very simple hand and arm exercises that even those on
wheelchair can do every day. We had much fun learning this for the first time.

After warming up, it was time for the hour and half walk around the entire lake. There were brisk walkers among us while
some came with walking sticks. The fear of the distance was calmed by the many benches along the lakeshore. The canoe
club drew the attention from some of us, a reminder of our School’s Sai Kung Camp in Hong Kong. The many activities

and laughter from the children’s playground and the water park added much fun to this last summer long weekend.

This time, other than our regulars, the FA63 group, we also had some new comers from FA73. It was wonderful that ‘old’
students around the GTA came all the way to Richmond Hill to join the walk.

To ‘compensate’ all the hard work and the calories burnt during the exercise and walk, we treated ourselves at Congee
Wong with a wide variety of great dishes for lunch. After lunch some of the FAs had already got plans for the group in the
afternoon and we had to bid farewell to each other. We hope to hold another Walk in the early fall to enjoy the famous
Canadian Festival of Colours, please come and let’s share some good times together!

Stay tuned !

Good luck, good health, God bless!

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The following are some of the photos taken during the walk.
Nancy Tang (65FA)