QESOSA Ontario
The Second of Our 2018 ‘A Walk in the Park’ Series
-- at Toogood Pond, Markham, on Saturday, July 14, 2018
Nancy Tang (65FA)
The weather forecast for the day was rain, and it drizzled a little while we drove there. We prepared for the increment
weather with a few umbrellas, extra ponchos and some walking sticks packed in the trunk. The drizzle stopped while we
rounded up those who could not find the main entrance of Toogood Pond off Main Street, Markham. Before our walk we
were surprised by a short visit from James S.K. Tang, our ex VP who is now residing in Hong Kong.

The weather forecast for the day was rain, and it remained dry all the way through our stroll round the pond, crossed the
bridges, and meandered our way to the centre of the town of Markham. Yvonne Chiu briefed us on the development changes
in the area during the past decade. All twenty-some of us walked up and down this picturesque little town leisurely as it was
still too early for tourists and not a single drop from the sky.

The weather forecast for the day was rain, and it did pour after we finished our walk and sat comfortably at the Golden
Duke Restaurant for a delicious dim sum lunch. Much thanks to Susan and Mi Ki Kan who graciously made the reservation
of three tables for us. We are grateful to them as Saturday dim sum is normally a very busy time at all the good Chinese

The weather forecast for the day was rain, and it did rain again as soon as we got to Susan and Mi Ki’s lovely home.
Many in the group accepted the Kan’s generous invitation to go to their lovely home for tea, coffee and snack after dim sum.
Yes, never mind the rain outside, we had more food after the walk and after the lunch! And we chatted, naturally, over Mi
Ki’s art collections and his photo books of his one and only favourite model, Susan, in her numerous posts and outfits.

Yvonne Chiu, our organizer, remarked, “We are blessed to be able to finish our walk today. Thanks to Susan and Mi Ki for
inviting us for tea. They are a charming couple. It is lovely to be able to spend time with them today.”

The Walk in the Park will rest during the summer month of August since this is the time to spend with families. The next
walk will be on September 1, 2018. Have a lovely summer and hope to see you then!

The following are some of the photos taken during the walk.
Above photo from left:

Kan Mi Ki (57), Anita Chu (65, from USA), Eileen Cheng (65, from Hong Kong), Irene Ho (61),
Chan Chi Hung (65), Tam Ka Chuen (70), Penny Tam (Ka Chuen's), Winnie Woo (61),
Kwok Man Cheung (64), James S.K. Tang (64), Jackie Chiu (65), Marry Chiu (Jackie's),
Letty Chow (Selwyn's), Selwyn Chow (61), James H.K. Tang (61), Nancy Tang (65), Henry Lai (63),
Yvonne Chiu (73), Jenny Lai (Henry's), Au Kin Ki (63), Yvonne Au (Kin Ki's), Ruby Liu (Alfred's),
Alfred Liu (63)

Two people not in above photo (but in the photo below) -- photographer Jason Leung (Theresa's), and his
wife Theresa Leung (65)
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Beautiful street scene in Markham
Dim Sum Lunch at Highway 7 / McCowan
Enjoying Coffee and Tea at Mi Ki's Home
Never stopped chatting