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A Walk In The Park – 2018 Activity Series
Nancy Tang (65FA)
Through the years, the OSA has organized many lunches, banquets, picnics and BBQs.
Occasionally, these gatherings were coupled with health talks and presentations.  This
year, with a new board, we hope to introduce an additional alternative that would be
healthier than just food and lectures.  For a while, many members had indicated their love
for nature walks.  They say, ‘ Nothing beats taking a walk in the park, time to admire
different species of flowers, listening to the chirping of birds, and doing them all with
families and friends.’

On Saturday June 2, the Ontario OSA launched its 2018 Activities Series - A Walk In The
Park.  This would be a series of walks in the parks, conservations, and gardens in
Toronto and the surrounding areas.  The first walk was held in the Toronto Botanical
Garden, formerly known as the Edwards Garden, located at Leslie Street and Lawrence
Avenue E.

The two-hour leisure walk brought together a sizable group of alumni, from FA61 to FA73.  
Along the garden paths, the clicking of cameras and selfies was a familiar sound.  We
could also hear the almost non-stop ‘Oos’ and ‘Ahs’, as we came across the colourful
display of many kinds of blossoming flowers.

At the conclusion of the walk, James Tang, our President, presented Yvonne Chiu with an
Ontario OSA souvenir bag, thanking her for this initiative, as well as her volunteering to
be a new member of the OSA board.

After we were all saturated with the fresh air, the walkers group headed to lunch at a
nearby restaurant.  Naturally at the restaurant, there were more laughters and
reminiscences.  No one seemed to be in a hurry to leave!  At last, this wonderful Saturday
morning ended with fond goodbyes and “see you next time’s”!

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, comments or remarks, please contact Yvonne Chiu
(FA73) or Nancy Tang (FA65), or any member of the Board of Directors.  Thank you.

Till next time…

Date: Saturday, July 14, 2018
Time: 9:00a.m.
Place: Toogood Pond, Markham
(approximate GPS address: 280 Main Street, Unionville)

Good luck.  Good health.  God bless!

The following are some of the photos taken during the walk.
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More photos can be viewed by clicking the link  here