QES 55th Anniversary Celebration 2009!
The magic of 55 – a brief account of how QES celebrates as it reaches fifty-five years

It is not quite right to say QES’s 55th birthday came with a big bang because the fun began from October and after
wonderful fun festivities throughout the whole weekend of December 12 and 13, ended with one magical evening affair.

Much to my regret, I missed the Speech Day and presentation ceremony on December 11 when many were to be
recognized, including the major sponsors of the Education Fund. The QESOSA Ontario is one of the proud Bronze
sponsors of the fund in support of the OSA Hong Kong for a broader scope and higher level in the education of future
generations. Dr. Arthur Hinton, the keynote speaker, thrilled everyone by keeping his promise made at the Golden Jubilee,
that in five years if he is still in good health, he would come back to QES and meet the students again.

The Homecoming Day cum Annual Open Day on Sunday, December 14, was such a gorgeous day with bright sunshine
and warm breeze. Posted on boards at the school entrance were loads of congratulatory notes and letters. The four
house flags together with the colourful event banner and the brilliantly designed QES’s 55th logo adorned the stage set up
in front of the football field. This early morning official ceremony also marked the official opening of the school’s newly
turfed football field. For the ribbon cutting, QES Principal, Mr. K. K. Tong invited a few distinguished guests including Dr.
Arthur Hinton (former Principal), Dr. Wai Ki Tong (Chief Patron of QESOSA for QES 55th Anniversary Celebration), Mr.
Alain Lo, (Chairman of QES Parents-Teachers’ Association), and Mr. Henry Tong (Chairman of QESOSA Hong Kong).
After the ceremony, while a friendly football match was taking place on the lush green grass of the field, refreshments
made by students were being served at the covered playground and all kinds of booths set up on the basketball field were
ready to receive guests. Besides the PTA stall, there were FA69’s own stall and too many booths of clubs, societies, and
special interests to count. Special recognition was given to the FA 1969 as the main driving force behind the celebration
event. Many of the FA69 Graduates took pictures in front of their booth with their very own tee shirts and wearing a proud
smile all morning long.

The 55th Birthday Banquet at Laguna Palace Restaurant was such an overwhelming night. There were bus-loads after
bus-loads of dinner guests being transported from the school to the restaurant. A hundred banquet tables occupied the
entire floor of the building and there were people everywhere. There was always a jubilant crowd in the front hall for group
photos and another large lineup by the stage to take class pictures. Time flew by as students meeting students, students
greeting teachers, and teachers being recognized and served; friendship rekindled, old times reminisced, childhood jokes
and stories told and re-told. Under the blinding flashes of many cameras, hearty laughter here and there and glasses
clinking everywhere -- who cares about what is being served on the dining table!!!

The stage was a busy place too with the evening’s three emcees, speeches and musical performances. And who could
forget the lucky draw prizes! There were numerous happy faces, particularly those many who received lucky money as the
draw prize. Our generous OSA Chairman, Mr. Henry Tong, having presented the top prize of $5,000 to the lucky winner,
donated another top cash prize of $5,500 – to commemorate QES’s 55 years! This could be the highlight of the evening;
or maybe it should be when all the teachers from the 55 years who were at the banquet gathered on stage for a group
photo? To me, the teachers are our most valued “prize” in our life!

Thank you, teachers. Thank you, QES!


                            Reported by Nancy Tang (Leung Kit-Sze) FA65

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