QESOSA Ontario
Farewell to Our beloved past President Erica Fong (June 3, 2007)

Those who know Erica invariably agree that she is one of the nicest persons you can ever meet. Erica served the
Board of Directors of QESOSA Ontario for many years and contributed a great deal to the success of the
Association. After some thorough research and planning, Erica and her husband Warren, together with their lovely
daughter Bridgette, decided to start a new career in Hong Kong for good. This is for sure a loss for the Association
in Toronto but definitely a gain for our potential Hong Kong Chapter! On June 3, 2007, members of the Board of
Directors, past and present, gathered together to bid a fond farewell to Erica and her family, wishing them all the
best in their future endeavours!

Erica was presented a Chinese calligraphic banner with a couplet composed by Brother Lee Shiu Kee and
hand-written by a famous local Chinese calligrapher. Everybody had a great time reminiscing the good ol' days!

Erica has served the association with dedication and despite her busy schedule, is always helpful and cheerful.
Nancy Tang, our veteran Director, recalls her encounters with Erica in the past years:
To me, Erica is our 'darling' little sister.

I can almost imagine her courage when she said "yes" to join our Board - you know, to work with a bunch of "old
folks" who left QES way before she was born - she is FA81!

And she has been such a joy to work with, and full of initiation too. I believe she started in 1995, and for more
than 10 years, she has taken many posts including the editor, secretary (many terms), Liaison Officer and

At one function, feeling she has the capability, I asked her to be the Emcee, though she has never done it before
and with a little hesitation, she pleasantly agreed. And from then on, she has been our "appointed"
event Emcee, sometimes with Selwyn - our golden Emcee, sometimes all by herself.

We also have had the joy to watch her baby daughter grow, from a tiny infant to toddler, now a fine young lady.

There were many nights when we had late meetings and Erica had to rush back to put Bridgette to sleep. There
was the young voice on the other end of the phone line who would not let me talk to her mother, but hang on the
phone talking to me. There were those odd times when I went to Erica's home and worked with her in the evening
while she took care of Bridgette.

These are my fond memories of Erica and her family.                           by Nancy Tang
Erica and family with James & Nancy Tang
Past and present Board members bid farewell to Erica
Following are more photos taken at the farewell party:

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