QESOSA Ontario
Mr. Kwok was accompanied by Ms.
Pamela So and Ms. Ruth Wong
Mr. Kwok was presented with a peom by
Big Brother Lee Shiu Ki.
A group picture
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                  A Fond Farewell to Mr. Kwok Wai Man                             Nancy Kit-SzeTang (65)

teachers of our school, Mr. Raymond Kowk Wai Man.

At 89 years of age, and with much persuasion from his daughter, Mr. Kwok and his wife are scheduled to leave Toronto,
the city he chose to live after his retirement, in June. While I am sorry to see him go, somehow I also feel kind of relieved to
know that both Mr. and Mrs. Kwok are to return to Hong Kong and be close to their daughter.  

Among those present at the dinner were graduates from many decades, but only a handful were actually lucky enough to
be taught by this real “gentle” man and a devoted teacher. Although Mr. Kwok had only been in QES for a very brief
period, our big brother Pun Yip Kai still remembered vividly how he, as a fearless and inquisitive youngster, spent a good
part of the Math class arguing with the teacher, Mr. Kwok, on one particular topic. When the incident was recalled decades
later during the dinner, only laughter with fondness prevails. For one of the farewell gifts, another big brother, Lee Shiu Ki
presented Mr. Kwok with a Chinese poem he composed which fittingly described Mr. Kwok. (You can view this in our
photo album display and below.)

Mr. Kwok re-joined the QES family years ago, when he read in the local Chinese paper about the Ontario OSA’s welcome
party for Mr. Hinton. Mr. Kwok located me through various channels and requested to meet with Mr. Hinton. Hence, the two
met for the first time after their retirement. They had been residing at different corners of the world with Mr. Hinton
relocated to Vienna, then to England and Mr. Kwok to Toronto. They had known each other for more than fifty years. Their
first joint venture was when they worked through their summer holidays to prepare for the opening of  QES in the new
school building. In his memoir, Dr. Hinton quoted: “This was the beginning of a close and lasting friendship between us.”
Their paths crossed many times since. Other than a very close working relationship in QES, later when they were each as
the principal of a teaching college, they also worked towards the improvement of the teacher training system.  .

Mr. and Mrs. Kwok are known to be ‘the’ very loving couple. I have to relate the observation of a staff at a restaurant
frequented by Mr. Kwok - “They always come in hand-in-hand and leave holding hands - we should all take lessons from
them!” How adorable!

We will miss you, Mr. Kwok. Toronto will miss you too!

We will all be waiting eagerly to celebrate your 90th birthday with you next year. Be sure to come back and visit us!

Good luck, good health, God bless you, Mr. and Mrs. Kwok!
May 23, 2006, Toronto
Farewell Dinner in honour of Mr. Kwok Wai Man