Dr. Hinton welcomed by former teachers
and students
Dr. Hinton praises the tight bonding of
QES old students
Dr. Hinton with current and past QESOSA
Ontario Board members
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It was a day of significance, when commemorative services were held across North America, in memory of the several
thousand civilians who lost their lives through acts of terrorism perpetrated by religious extremists, exactly 4 years ago.

This day has also been chosen by the QESOSA Ontario Chapter, to host the welcome/farewell dinner for QES alumni to
honour Dr. Arthur Hinton, our beloved former principal.  A dinner was held at the China Buffet King, Scarborough, to
facilitate Dr. Hinton’s former students to greet and chat with Dr. Hinton, throughout the evening. Toronto was one of Dr.
Hinton’s stopovers, along his travel itinerary, which included Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and
Australia.  Dr. Hinton indicated that, as an octogenarian, it is unlikely that he would be travelling such distances from his
home in the U.K. in the future, so it was with mixed emotions, both joyous and melancholy,  that QES alumni honoured him
at this dinner.  Mr. Raymond Wai-Man Kwok and Miss Pamelo So, former QES teachers, were also invited to this

54 attendees were present at this dinner gathering.  The class of ’68 was particularly strong, with 14 from their contingent,
some of whom made a special trip to Toronto for this occasion, from their homes in the U.S as far as Florida and L.A.

Nancy, an active contributing Board member, suggested the Peace theme for this evening’s function, due to the
significance of September 11th.  She and her team produced white paper cut-outs of silhouettes of doves, for each
attendee to write their name and year of graduation from Form 5. Dr. Hinton then dotted each dove to create an eye,
similar to the traditional Chinese custom of “dotting the eye of the dragon” at all celebratory occasions.  These paper
doves were then taped to ribbons, along one wall of the dining room.

Highlight of the evening was an audio/video show, produced and prepared by former QESOSA ONTARIO president, Jerry
Liu.  Jerry produced a compilation of photos that chronicled 50 years of QES and Dr. Hinton’s involvement, not only in
academics, but also in extracurricular activities such as those taken at School Camp 1963.  Some of these were rare
pieces dating back to QES while under construction in 1955.  Included on the reel were pictures of Dr. Hinton during his
numerous visits to Toronto, up to and including photos taken on his current visit to the Niagara vineyards, and from the dim-
sum lunch in Mississauga last Friday, September 9th.  At the conclusion of the DVD show, Jerry gave Dr. Hinton a copy of
the DVD, as a memento, celebrating Dr. Hinton’s lifelong commitment and dedication to education. Jerry explained to the
gathering that the background music had been selected with extra care, to complement the theme of the tribute to Dr.
Hinton. The pieces chosen were "Born Free", "To Sir With Love", "The Impossible Dream" and "What A Wonderful World".

Dr. Hinton, in his usual, modest fashion, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the attendees.

Jerry led the gathering in a few selected songs including "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow", "Red River Valley", "Blowing In
The Wind" (for the PEACE theme) and "Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You", with music accompaniment from his
guitar.  Everybody sounded wonderful, reminiscent of the old "campfire" days. The evening ended with Auld Lang Syne, as
all attendees linked hands in one wide circle. It was truly a most memorable evening for all.
QESOSA Ontario
Farewell Dinner in honour of Dr. Arthur Hinton
September 11, 2005