Past and newly-elected Board of Directors
Fresh from Rome, our former Director Ann Ma
presents lucky draw prize to James Y.C. Chan (56), with
emcees Barbara Yang and Selwyn Chow.
QESOSA Ontario Chapter’s 2005 AGM was held on Saturday, November 12, 2005 at the Grand Yatt
Restaurant on Bayview Avenue in Richmond Hill.  Attended by close to 60 alumni and their significant
other, the event was made merrier by the presence of Ann Ma, one of our longest-serving directors, who
had recently flown in from Rome, and was visiting family in Toronto.  Asked if she has picked up much of
the Italian language, Ann taught those who inquired the phrase  “Come stai?” (how are you in Italian).

Selwyn Chow and Barbara Yang emceed for the evening.  Daniel Chow presented the Annual Financial
Report.   Attendees were asked to nominate individuals to fill the vacant posts on the board.  Jerry Liu and
Daniel Chow had invested countless hours in data-entry and compiling the most up-to-date Student
Directory for distribution.  Thanks to Anna Liu, Jerry's better-half, there were sufficient copies to be
distributed among attendees.

The highlight for the evening was Jerry’s A/V presentation of a slide show on a DVD titled "Tribute to Dr.
Arthur Hinton", which he had painstaking compiled, after searching through picture archives dating back
to 1955, while QES was under construction.  The collection of photos on the DVD spanned 5 decades of
memories, capturing Dr. Hinton’s numerous visits to Toronto between 1989 and September 2005, with
appropriate captioning, as well as a carefully-selected accompanying music track, Born Free, To Sir with
Love, The Impossible Dream and What a Wonderful World, to echo our sentiments for Dr. Hinton’s passion
and lifetime devotion to education.   The DVD focused on Dr. Hinton’s years spent at QES, and the lasting
impressions that have been indelibly edged into the mind of each QES graduate under his watch.

The evening concluded with a crowd-pleasing favourite, the Lucky Draw, with prizes donated by various
directors on the board.  Ann Ma brought prizes from Rome, which were won by James So (1967) and
Anson Fok (1989). It was very thoughtful of Jerry who prepared two copies of the "Tribute to Dr. Arthur
Hinton" DVD as prizes. Mr. Eric Wong, President of QCOBA, attended our AGM. Mr. S.L. Cheung, Vice-
President of QCOBA could not come due to prior commitments. They donated 2 bottles of vintage wines
for our lucky draw. The Board wish to take this opportunity to thank everybody who contributed to this
successful event.

The newly elected 2006 Board of Directors are Erica Fong, Daniel Chow, Nancy Tang, James SK Tang,
Barbara Yang, Jerry Liu, Henry Lee, Lee Shiu Ki, Julie Look, Chan Chi Hung, Selwyn Chow, Roger Kwan,
Tang Fu Wah and James So.

With new bloods in the Board, the Association is looking forward to another exciting year ahead to serve
our members.
Our AGM Banner painstakingly prepared by Chan Chi
Selwyn Chow, Nancy Tang and Max Wong leading O
Canada and QES School Song.
QESOSA Ontario
2005 AGM on November 12, 2005
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