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Mr. Chu Ka-Fai was born in October 21, 1926. He has six other siblings, of which he was the second son. Both smart
and diligent, he was accepted to Hong Kong University’s Science Faculty with a Hong Kong Government scholarship.
He got his Bachelor of Science degree in 1952, and obtained his Certificate of Education in 1959. In 1961, Mr. Chu
went to the University of London, England to further his pursue of knowledge.

Mr. Chu had devoted his entire life in education. He had taught in (then) St. Paul’s Boys Secondary School, Queen
Elizabeth School and later became the Vice-Principal of QES and Principals of Kwun Tong Technical Secondary
School and King’s College respectively. Mr. Chu was well known for his stern, no-nonsense but effective way of
teaching. He had earned deep respect among his students.

Mr. Chu passed away peacefully on Monday, August 30, 2004. He is survived by his beloved wife, five children and
daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren.

On Tuesday, September 7, 2004, friends and relatives, QES alumni from Toronto and surrounding areas gathered to
say goodbye to one of our most respected teacher, Mr. Chu Ka-Fai at his funeral service at the R.S. Kane Funeral
Home, North York, Ontario, Canada. Miss Ruth Wong (Mrs. Ko) and Miss Pamela So, two of our former QES teachers,
were also present to pay their last respect to Mr. Chu.

James So Man-Yee (67), who had been in close contact with the Chu family in light of Mr. Chu’s ailing health, was one of
the first to make the announcement of this sad piece of news to fellow QES alumni. At the request of Mrs. Chu, James
was given the task of assembling 8 pallbearers from former graduates of QES and students of Mr. Chu. This turned out
to be an easy task as there was no lack of volunteers for this honoured duty.

During a brief but solemn religious service, with psalms read and hymns sung under the direction of Ms. Lam, a
preacher and family friend of the Chu’s, Mr. Chu was eulogized, first by his youngest son, Mr. Chu Siu Chung, followed
by a former QES student, Mr. Karl Ho Tse-Pak (57). Karl praised Mr. Chu as an intelligent, hard-working science
teacher who devoted his entire career towards educating the young. Under his guidance, he had raised the bar on
academic excellence while teaching at QES. Karl also mentioned that during the last week or so, at the break of the sad
news, thousands of emails have been flowing back and forth among QES old students, all expressing the deepest
sympathy and condolences to the Chu family. Reverend Michael Tsang concluded the service with prayers and

Mr. Chu was interred at Highland Memorial Gardens at Don Mills, North York. The day had begun with rain as if the sky
was weeping for a great loss. But then as the funeral procession was driving towards the cemetery, the sky opened up
and the sun peeked through, as if Mr. Chu was watching us, smiling, contented that his life was a fruitful one, and his
mission accomplished.                

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Mr. Chu Ka Fai, our former Senior Master, passed away on August 30, 2004