A Wonderful Evening – 2011 AGM Dinner & Talk

The Board of Directors with our joint-school friends at the 2011 AGM Dinner & Talk.

The Ontario Chapter’s 2011 Annual General Meeting and Dinner was held on October 15, 2011.  It marked a change from our usual November date, as advocated by our members in an earlier survey.

A total of 40 people attended, including 29 members, spouses, and special guests from King’s College Old Boys Association, Belilios Public School Alumni Association, and Queen’s College Old Boys Association.

The event was held with a focus on health.  The evening started at 6:00 p.m., with a talk given by our special speaker Mr. Neville Lau, who is a registered physiotherapist in Ontario as well as in Hong Kong.  He had also obtained training in Chinese Medicine in China.  The topic of his talk was ‘How to be your own fitness instructor’.   In his humorous and light-hearted way, Mr. Lau gave his understanding of what ‘fitness’ really meant, and he encouraged everyone to ignite and pursue the passion of keeping fit.  I am sure everyone found something helpful in his talk.

As usual, we sang the Canadian national anthem and the QES school song.  Our president, Barbara Yang (FA78), called the AGM to order at about 7:00 p.m., with introductions of our attending guests, and welcoming messages extended to them.  The first order of
business was the approval of the AGM minutes from 2010; it was completed unanimously.  Barbara then gave a report on the activities held in the year.  They included the spring lunch and talk in June, the joint-school BBQ with alumni of KC, QC and BPS in July, two ping-pong evenings in June and July, and QESOSA Ontario’s participation in Run for the Cure in October.  Two more ping-pong evenings are planned for November and December.

Barbara also reported on the award of the QESOSA Ontario Dr. Arthur Hinton Scholarship
to a student at QES Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School.

Roger Kwan (FA78), our Treasurer, then presented the 2011 Financial Report.  He reported that the Association had a small surplus so far this year, and that the financial situation was sound.  The Financial Report was adopted by all the members present.

Some changes to our Constitution were proposed.  They included the following:

  • Item 8.4 – the inclusion of emails as one of the voting methods,
  • Item 11.2 – approval of changes to the Constitution by two-third majority of membership present  (proxy votes included) at AGMs, or by a two-third vote of membership at Special Meetings called by the Board of Directors (proxy votes included), and
  • other minor changes  - mainly typing and grammatical errors.

Copies of the revised Constitution were distributed to all members present.  Barbara highlighted the main changes and explained the reasons for the changes.  The
changes were unanimously agreed to, and adopted by all members present.

The dinner started at 7:30 p.m.  Everyone enjoyed the delicious 10-course meal and had a splendid time talking and connecting with each other.  In between dishes, the election of directors was called.  Nomination forms were collected and tallied.  Six directors were
serving a 2-year term, and therefore would remain on the board; the five outgoing directors and some members were nominated.

The evening closed with a lucky draw and photo-taking.  Most of the people left at about 9:45 p.m., in a jovial mood.  I wish to express my deepest thanks to our guests, our fellow members, our directors, and our advisors, for their unrelenting efforts in making possible this wonderful evening.

Ivy Yan (FA71)

View more photos of the 2011 AGM Dinner & Talk at: http://jliu.smugmug.com/Events/QESOSA-Ontario-AGM-October-15/19563014_xz3gvZ

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