The New Sandwitch Generation

I went on a 2 week Panama Cruise last month. Fear not. No pictures nor travel log here. Just to relay a very unusual experience. I was taken aback by the Panamanian tour guide plainly pointing out the American-induced Panama independence from Columbia in order to gain control to build and own the canal. The best living conditions, “paradise-colony” as quoted, taken up by the American military and canal adminstrators and paid for by the billions of canal fees annually. Then came the student prostestors shot dead, the riots, and eventual return of the canal to Panama on the eve of the second millenuim. Manuel Noriega and the 1989 US invasion was also mentioned. What was shocking to me was the fact that the tour group was made up of mostly Americans. Not only did they listened quietly, but even tipped the tour guide as expected, uncharacteristic of American tourists a few decades ago.

One week later on CNN, the newsperson reported that due to economic hard times, US college graduates enlisted in the military doubled to over 6,000, only some are officers, hence greatly improving the quality of its arm forces. At the same time the Chinese military recruits with college degrees numbered over 100,000.  

These factual first hand observations have nothing to do with US bashing or pro-China sentiments. May be just subtle signs on the rise and fall of nations. We are of Chinese origin. We are also citizens of a nation neighbouring the incumbent richest superpower. Their rise and fall makes us the “New Sandwitch Generation”.  And of course more so with our Chinese-American friends. Can anyone tell me what that means?

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  1. Max Wong says:

    Hello Henry,

    I don’t think you should be too surprised with the negative reaction of the Panamanians towards the USA. In some countries, Americans are actually hated. A friend of mine (Canadian living in USA) told me that whenever he travelled abroad, he always tried to carry his maple leaf around so that he would not be mistaken for an American.

    If one looks at the recent world history, it is not difficult to see why Americans are not welcome in many parts of the world. Most conscientious Americans would have long realized this fact already. It is only the “die hard” who still maintain that superior pax Americana outlook would go around the world as if they rule everywhere and over everyone. Unfortunately, these are the majority. Surprisingly, outside USA, there are also blind supporters of such self-appointed world police attitude. Sad!

    I recently came across an article written by a courageous American woman who puts the situation of the Middle East in perspective (website below), not only questioning but also condemning the action and policy of her own country in the region. It is worth reading.

    Now, this is only the Middle East she was talking about. There are also the Carribeans, the South America, the SE Asia, the Afghanistan, . . .

    Have a good day!


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