QESOSA Ontario
Class of 1956
Class of 1961
Class of 1965
Inviting all the teachers on stage
Kitty Chong and the BC Chapter
Meeting with old Ontarian friends
Class of 1956
Recognize the  teachers who had
taught us before
With former directors of  the Ontario
Abundance of seafood at very
reasonable price
Decade of friendship
Some members of the Blue skirt gang
of 1964
What's for dinner?
A friendly match
A happy crowd
A picture before the sweaty football
Bright sunshine on a cheerful day
FA 1969, the pillar behind this event
Everyone is glad to be part of ths
Enjoying the snack and company
Congratulatory messages pour in
Dr. Hinton to honour the event
Dr. Hinton, Mr. Tong and some guests
from oversaes
Feeling great to be a part of this
Head Boy and Girl
Here comes the VIP
I am humbled
Joyful atmosphere
Lucky us to have so much great
Officiating the Home Coming Day and
Open Day
Oh, what a banner
Proud to stand under the QES badge
QES55 Logo
QES's extracurricular activities
Reception area
School grounds are set up
School Principal, Mr.Tong
Scouts, guides and prefects
standing by
Smiley faces for such a happy occasion
So many ways to widen our horizon
Stage is set up
Standing beside our gift to QES on its
50th anniversary
Such a great feeling to play on the new
Sunny day, bright smile
The House flags
The volunteers and the guests
The winning design
To QES with love, 3 overseas
chapters: Australia, US and Ontario,
Two very proud former students of this
great school
What a T-shirt!
Work hard, play harder
Pictures from QES 55th Anniversary Celebration 2009 - Banquet and Homecoming (Part 1 of 2)
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