QESOSA Ontario
Photo Gallery of James and Nancy's visit to Mr. Hinton in UK for his 88th Birthday!
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Arthur always enjoys good red wine
with his dinner. On this his 88th
Birthday, he makes no exception!
Arthur can't wait to read the email
greetings from his students around the
globe, even among packed boxes!
Looking through the window of the
guest room into Arthur's garden.
We wish Arthur many happy years at
the Paddock Flats.
Time to say good-bye, no tears! Just
look forward to another time when we
will meet again!
Stone wall fences built to brave the
weather and be guard for decades!
Little white dots alone the country
road? These are sheep in spring time,
all plump and ready for shearing!
Stone wall fences, you can see them in
farms, country homes and
Bakewell, a town in the Hill District; behind
the monument, you can see the narrow
winding street leading all the way uphill.
Every factory/shop in Bakewell claim to
have the original famous recipe for its
pudding - which is actually a pie!
These stone wall fences are just as
spetacular as those ones we saw in
Kentucky, US.
Beautiful countryside near Chesterfield
puts on a spring outfit.
Pheasants running free in the
The pathway leading to the front
entrance of Chatsworth.
The way to the Chatsworth Gardens
with many fountains, greenhouse, and
Chatsworth's famous cascading
Arthur and James are about to enjoy a
simple lunch of famous British pies at
Chatsworth's stable-turned-cafe.
Our rental car parked at 10 Ridd Way.
Arthur's experience to nevigate the driver
for a few days must be very challenging!
Chatsworth House, the stately home of
the Duke of Devonshire, now a
museum and a popular local attraction.
Arthur's two Hong Kong QES students, who
came from across the Alantic Ocean, feel
previledged to celebrate his 88th birthday
with his daughter, Hedy Ann and son-in-law,
made sure the wine bottle is ready, just
the way Mrs. Hinton would do it.
Arthur's famous Chinese
lamp. He can fool visitors
easily, pretending to read all
the words on it..
Arthur's bedroom has a
walk-out to the backyard.
Arthur's favourite chair. Here
he reads or watches
television, but the most
precious thing is the lovely
picture of Mrs. Hinton right in
A good size kitchen, the new
fridge and stove are ready to
be installed.
Welcome to Arthur's new home at the
Paddock Flats.
Arthur's living room at his 'little'
who's coming to visit.