Vancouver Mini Reunion
2006 taken at Chow
Wing Lun's (Coach) visit.
Photo 1: from left- Mr. Wong (Chan Suk Kwun's husband), Chan Suk Kwun, Miss Lee Pui Lin (Coach's wife),
Chow Wing Lun (Coach), Mr.Shum (Chan Wai Sum's husband), Chan Wai Sum, Wong Lau Ching, Mr. Woo
(Wong Lau Ching's Husband), Fung Kam Ming. Carita Lo (Fung Kam Ming's wife), Miss Lee Pui Lan
No so mini reunion in Hong Kong Sept. 23, 2006. Can you still say a name to every face?
Clue: Back row from left: Lam Chat Chen, Chung King Hai, Lo Heung Man, Ng Siu Cheung,
Cheung Chui Ping, Lai Kwok Chan, Lee Ching Ming and wife.
Front row from left: Wong Wai Cheun, Chan Wai Shum, Leung Ping Chiu, Leung Kit Sum,
Lui Chun Wah, Lo Wing Sim and husband (behind), Leung Lai Chun, Li Yuk Har.
David Ma Chi Wai's visit to Toronto.
Sept. 21, 2006 taken with Yan Ting
Foon and wife Ivy at back, front from
right: Ngai Yau Cheung, Lai Tak Shing
and Liu Chi Keung.
Ng Mui Ying (Cindy) Toronto visit in November, 2003.
Back left: Ngai Yau Cheung, Liu Chi Keung, Yan Ting Foon
Front left: Ng Mui Ying, Szeto So Wah, Ivy (wife of Yan Ting
Ng Mui Ying and husband Cheng Ka Hiu (66) with other 66FA classmates
QESOSA Ontario
Photo 2: The Gentleman next to Miss Lee Pui Lan is her husband, Mr. Peter Tsang.
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A mini-reunion at Maxim Restaurant, Hong Kong
on April 16, 2007.
Mrs. Chow and Mr. Hinton met in Toronto May 7, 2006 and had a little gathering with some classmates at Ngai Yau Cheung's house.
Chang Chow Ling and wife, Jenny
with Lai Kwok Chan
from left: Lee Yuk Har, Wong Lau Ching,
Leung Shiu San, Chang Chow Ling, Chow
Ling's wife (Jenny), Leung Lai Chun
1st row from left: Lina, Lo Ka Lung, Leung
Ping Chiu, Wong Yim Han
2nd row from left: Hung Chun May, Choi
Shui, Lo Heung Man, Chung King Hay,
Yeung Po Chin, Chang Chow Ling
A mini-reunion on June 19, 2007 when Chang Chow Ling and wife visits Hong Kong
From left to right: Wan Ching Yee's
husband, herself, daughter-in-law,
elder son and second son.
Pictures taken in Sydney, Australia. You should be able to locate Hui Suk Hing, Wong Yin Kiu,
Wong Pang Ying and Wong Kam Tim from these two pictures. Spouses make up the rest.
Picture taken in Calgary, Canada.
From right: Hui Suk Hing, Yue Yee Wah
and husband.
Mini Reunion at Toronto
December 30, 2007. Please click
picture to see the gallery.
A Mini Reunion in Hong Kong - November 26, 2007. All familiar faces!
Mini Reunions in Toronto
Hui Suk Hing visited us at the QESOSA
Ontario 20th Anniversary Dinner and
we had a mini reunion after. A couple
of not so familiar faces: Lee Yee Wan
and Lam Wai Ying. Can you spot them?
Lee Yuk Har visits Toronto in Sept.,
2009 and had Bubble tea with Dai Mon
and Jerry.
A recent gathering (Oct 24 2009) at
Toronto where Jerry distributes the
Reunion 2008 DVDs (excuse for Dim
Tit Keung and wife, Yue Yee Wah, Mak
Kwan, Fung Kam Ming, Wong Lau
Ching, Chan Wai Sum, Szeto Fung
Chun (Nov 2009)