To commemorate the donation to the new QESOSA Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School by 68FA,
a plaque was set up in front of one of the Form One classrooms on the 3rd floor of the new school.
The wordings on the plaque describes the collective vision of 68FA towards school education.
Mr. Chow Ping-Yan (Alan), form representative of 68FA, stands in front of the plaque which marks their donation to the new
QESOSA Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School.
This picture was taken at the entrance of the new school after the opening ceremony, on 21 April 2006. From left to right are,
CHIN Kwok-Keung (73FA); CHOW Ping-Yan, Alan (68FA); TSOI-LAI Yuet-Sum, Susana (59FA); KWAN Sik-Yiu (69FA); TAM
Wing-Oi (69FA); CHAN Kin-Hoi, Allen (69FA).
10th Anniversary Celebration of the QESOSA Secondary School. From left to right, CHOW Ping-Yan, Alan (68FA); LAU
Siu-Kay, Kevin (75FA, Current OSA Chairperson); CHAN Kin-Hoi, Allen (69 FA); KWAN Sik-Yiu (69FA); CHEUNG Kwun, Eric
(78FA); CHIN Kwok-Keung (73FA); Mr. YEUNG (59FA), The former school headteacher of QESOSA Primary School (P.M.);
WONG Tai Wai, David (64FA).
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