The Red Rock - Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon - Nature's Tunnel
Bryce Canyon - The Bridge
Bryce Canyon - Down in the valley
Bryce Canyon - Master carving piece
Bryce Canyon - Nature's trail
Bryce Canyon - Tracing the erosion steps
Bryce Canyon - Man and mountain
Bryce Canyon - Simply breathtaking...
At Lee Yun Gun's house with his wife
Joyce & grandson
Lunch with Kathleen & husband
Andrew Lau and Yiu Koon Leung in SF
With Kathleen & Andrew Lau by the
Golden Gate Bridge
With Kathleen in front of SF City Hall
With Keith & Teresa (Ku) Cho and Frank Wu
and his wife
With Savio & Joyce, Dennis Lee and wife
Dinner with sister Rina & her husband
Francis and QES friends in LA
A glimpse of the inside of SF City Hall
QESOSA Ontario
Nancy's Trip to the West
Red Rock Canyon - Scene by the roadside
Bryce Canyon - Nature's colour display