65FA Spain, Portugal, Morocco Trip  September, 2005
< What a Moroccan evening with traditional feast of
lamb and more lamb dishes! Waiting to be served
are James and Nancy Tang, Jackie and Mary Chiu
with daughter Winnie, Julie Sham, Winnie and
George Wong, Theresa and Jason Leung
Nancy was part of the entertainment
for the night - her head was picked to
test for carrying things!
< All line up in front of the Flamingo Dance Theatre:
Winnie Wong, Winnie and Mary Chiu, Theresa
Leung and Nancy Tang
Among fountains and plazas in Madrid are:
Nancy Tang, Mary Chiu, Julie Sham, Theresa
and Winnie Wong
< Cheers from Winnie Wong and Nancy
Tang, can't wait to taste this famous Spanish
cocktail 'Sangria'
Camel ride in Morocco.  Julie Sham,
Jason Leung (Better half of LaiMay)
< Gentlemen-in-waiting - the ladies are still trying out the
Spanish tee shirts!!  From left: Jackie Chiu, James Tang,
Jason Leung, George Wong
QESOSA Ontario
Flamenco evenings are not for ladies alone!
From left:  Jason Leung, Jackie Chiu, George
Wong, James Tang