1966 - Drama Club
1965 - Xmas Pageant Drama
1965 - Xmas Pageant Drama
1966 - "She Stoops To Conquer"
1967 - "The Hero" adapted from "Arms and the Man"
1966 - Lui Sau King
1969 - Yue Yi Wah
1966 - Lin Li Na
1969 - Class Picture
Lower Six (Arts) with Mr. Gerald Kent
1968-69 Class Trip
1966 - Chow Sek Kuen
1969 - Visit to Liu Chi Keung's house in
Sheung Shui. Yue Cheung Cho aiming.
(from left) Wong Yin Kiu, Lin Li Na &
Szeto Kuen Yee
Yau Ka Bick concentrating...
Bicycle built for one?  Szeto Kuen Yee
Lina showing her form with Yue Cheung
Cho and Yau Ka Bick looking on
Lee Ching Ming demonstrates his skill
A friendly game of Majong
How Sheung Shui looks like in 1969
Party at Yue Cheung Cho's place in summer of 1969:
Sir, Can I have some more?
Szeto Kuen Yee
Yau Ka Bick and Li Li Na
A relaxed Yau Ka Bick
Szeto Kuen Yee & Ma Kwai Yee
Wong Yin Kiu, Liu Chi Keung & Lai Kwok Chan
Group picture
Can you recognize everybody?
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