The new QES extension under construction
First meeting place: Lecture Room
Group photo at the Assembly Hall
Tsoi Sir giving us the low down on
QESOSA schools history
Welcome by Tsoi Sir at QESOSA
Primary School, Tin Shui Wai
Group photo at the front of the school
Next stop: Sai Kung School Camp
Group photo in front of the main building
of the School Camp
Group photo in front of the School
Camp main gate
Dinner gathering - Group photo by tables
Ms. Lo Shin Yee and Ms. Agnes Wong
Enjoying the food and friendship
From left: Leung Siu Shan, Chow Ping Yan,
Mr. & Mrs. Tsoi at the dinner gathering
QESOSA Ontario
On December 27, 2003, 68FA held a 35th Graduation Anniversary Reunion in Hong Kong. Everybody who
participated had a very good time. Activities include visiting our mother school, touring the QESOSA schools
in Tin Shui Wai, visiting the school camp and a dinner gathering at a Chinese restaurant as a finale. It was
agreed that the next big reunion will be held in 2008 to celebrate our 40th graduation anniversary.
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