In Memory of Mr. Chu Ka Fai
Staff photo 1965-66. Can you spot Mr. Chu Ka Fai?
Mr. Chu Ka Fai chatting with (from left)
James So Man Yee (67), Lee Shiu Ki
(58) and Ms. Ruth Wong. Photo taken
on February 12, 1999 at the QESOSA
Ontario 10th Anniversary Dinner Party
in Toronto.
Front row from left: Ms. Pamela So, Ms. Lena Liang (Mrs.
Wong), Mr. Hinton, Mr. Chu Ka Fai, Ms. Ruth Wong, Mr.
Parker.  Back row from left (68FA): Tang Fu Wah, Ng Siu
Cheung, Yan Ting Foon, Szeto Kuen Yee, Ngai Yau
Cheung, Wong Sun, Lai Tak Shing and Leung Ping Chiu.
Photo taken at the QESOSA Ontario 10th Anniversary
Dinner Party:
Staff photo 1960 - 61

Mr. Chu Ka Fai is second
from right, middle row.
QESOSA Ontario
(61) with James Tang Hon Kit (61) (left) and
President. Photo taken on November 23, 1991
at Oriental Ocean Restaurant, Toronto at the
QESOSA Ontario Annual General Meeting.