In Loving Memory of Dr. Arthur Hinton
QESOSA Ontario
Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Hinton!

                        We are so happy for the few days with Arthur*…
                                                          Reported by Nancy K. Tang (65FA)
    Arrival Day
    We arrived at Heathrow early in the morning of April 17th, 2008 after an all-nighter over the Atlantic. The drive to Chesterfield, a mere
    three and a half hours, was not without incidents, but we arrived safely at 10 Ridd Way just short before 1:00 p.m. Arthur was already
    waiting by the large front window in his dining room, wondering whether he should start lunch without us!

    We were happy to see he was in good spirit. Shortly after, the three of us were having lunch at one of his favourite restaurants by the
    lake, within walking distance from his home, enjoying a rare afternoon of warm sun in England. His wound from the second operation in
    January was almost healed and he only used the cane as a precaution when he went out. After lunch, we had a leisure walk around the
    little lake, greeted by a few neighbours walking their dogs and a couple of water fowls swimming peacefully by. It was comforting to
    know that Arthur was feeling his strength coming back to him.

    Later at home, we gave Arthur his Birthday presents and also a gift from Susan Wong (FA61). He read with muse and affection the
    Birthday card from the FA65 graduates in Toronto, Ontario. He excitedly told me how surprised he was to receive emails and greetings
    from students around the globe throughout the week.

    He had a tentative plan for the next day. After his hospital visit in the morning, we would visit the countryside and small towns nearby.
    Then we would meet his daughter and son-in-law for dinner at a restaurant midway between Arthur’s home and theirs.

    Arthur’s Birthday
    Arthur woke us up at eight (Please don’t be alarmed, after being with us in Toronto a few times, Arthur knows we are late sleepers. As
    long as he knows where the juice, cereal, bread, butter, jam and toaster are, he is good at taking care of himself in the morning until I get
    up and make the coffee! ) and he already had set the breakfast table – juice poured, croissants being warmed in the oven, and coffee
    ready.  To show my appreciation and partly cover my embarrassment, but truly from the bottom of my heart, I flew to his side and gave
    him a big hug and yelled, “Happy Birthday!”

    We opted to drive him to the hospital rather than letting him drive himself while we waited at home. Actually I delegated the driving to
    James as I can only handle an automatic! Honestly, after being the navigator during our stay, I wonder how many tense moments James
    had actually given Arthur with his driving! The fact was, it was quite a challenge for James to drive a standard transmission car after forty
    years, and on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, not to mention the various sizes of the numerous  roundabouts, if you know what I mean… For
    the next couple of days, while sitting at the back seat, I heard many times Arthur spoke with his usual gentle voice, “Take a right turn here
    but keep left!” or “ It’s best to stay on this side of the road!”

    At the hospital, the doctor gave Arthur a clean bill of health after a short visit. His infection was all gone, but Arthur preferred to have his
    dry bandage on just to protect his ankle for a little longer. That we totally agreed.

    So with the three lighter hearts, we made our ways to the Peak District National Park, to test once again, James’ driving skill on windy
    and winding roads. We were up at Stanton-on-the-hill through steep and curved one-lane served as two-lane roads, passing through
    farms and acres of rolling hills and tranquil dales, a real English countryside reminding us of some British movies, like “Sense and
    sensibility” or “Little women”. We had lunch at another Arthur’s favourite place, the Lathkil Hotel. Our table by the window overlooked the
    valley below. There were endless green pasture with stoned walls (My 2007 trip-mates to Kentucky, USA: remember our trip there and
    Cecilia Chu, our FA65 friend, told us about the walls created by the skilled stonemason from Ireland?) with lots of pheasants running
    around. There were also horses, all covered with blankets and sheep, round and plump as the shearing season had not begun.

    After treating Arthur to his Birthday lunch, we stopped by Bakewell and bought a Bakewell pudding, recommended by Helen Cheng
    (FA66) as a must-try! This ‘pudding’ is definitely a pie - with crust and filling! Had the Brits got confused all that time and call it a
    ‘pudding’ instead!

    The ‘Birthday Boy’ treated us to a wonderful Italian dinner in Matlock Bath where we met Hedy Ann and Bob for the first time. He was
    very jubilant that day, counting the number of telephone calls he had been receiving from old students. He chatted with Savio Lee (FA64)
    in California in the morning. At home after dinner, with a broad smile on his face, he told us by the phone message from Mi Ki Kan
    (FA57) in Toronto, he listened to Susan Kan’s angelic voice singing Happy Birthday to him!

    Packing Day
    The previous day, we had a very lovely tour of the Chatsworth, the Stately home of the Duke of Devonshire. We felt it was only right for us
    to offer our help to Arthur with his packing since our visit had kept him busy for many days. On this rainy Sunday, Arthur finally gave in
    and let us helped him with some packing.  Having stayed in this ‘little bungalow’ for eighteen years and with so many books, gifts and
    memorandum collected through the years, it was not easy for him to downsize to a one bedroom apartment. James went up to the attic
    to sort out the last bits of stashed away and we made room in his garage for future storing. Then we sorted out a few boxes for Hedy
    Ann to pick up in the afternoon for her future garage sale.

    Visit to Woodland Padlocks in Wolverhampton
    When Arthur suggested that we could visit the Woodland Padlocks on the last day of our visit, we gladly complied.  Arthur’s future home
    is in a retirement complex run by the Quakers. The Padlock Flats is in a very nice and serene surrounding in the town of Wolverhampton,
    about 2 hours’ drive away. We met with the very friendly staff and even visited the home of one of his soon-to-be new neighbours. It was
    good to know he will be joining the weekly gathering of German speaking group and he will be among some theatre loving neighbours.

    Later in the afternoon, after shopped and bought the two major appliances, stove/oven and freezer/fridge, Arthur is another step closer
    to begin his new life in the new home, in a new town, meeting and making new friends.

    Good-bye, Arthur
    It was not easy to say good-bye but we were delighted to spend his 88th Birthday with him.  We also know that we will meet again soon,
    if not in Hong Kong by November, then in Canada which he plans to visit after his Hong Kong trip, maybe in 2009!

    Arthur, we cannot wait to see you again! Have an exceptionally happy year of being 88 years young!

    *I have been feeling kind of awkward to call Dr. Hinton by his first name even for the last several years he has repeatedly insisted that we
    should. I made a conscience effort after I learnt this common practice of addressing everyone by their given names in senior complex
    has its benefits.

                                           Check out the photo gallery for James and Nancy's visit to Mr. Hinton here!

    Mi Ki and Susan Kan was our gracious host who took a bunch of QES schoolmates and Dr. Hinton to their beautiful
    home for a "warm up" Welcome Party. Then they had a dinner gathering at a Mississauga restaurant and everybody

The following article was written by Nancy Tang when she and husband James visited Dr. Hinton's hometown in 2008 on his 88th Birthday. How time flies!
This year marks the 90th Birthday of Dr. Hinton! We wish him good health from the bottom of our hearts!
Exploring Chemainus
while vacationing with the
James HK and Nancy
Tang arrived to join them
Dr. Hinton's favourite
bench by the water's edge
Only meal time would get
everybody together
So much choices, even for
And Elisha likes eggs!
And...there is food on the
coffee table!
Dr. Hinton: I hope you are
not going to finish
everything on the table!
Elisha has to hide outside
to enjoy his steamed crab!
A rare picture of busybee
leader Kinsley Lo!
Canoe trip at Sai Kung
Camp? Re-living a dream
of years gone by!
Happy campers on waters
Need a flashlight!
This is how we did the
action to this song in the
good old days!
And I can do this!
After a while, the sun finally
rises at 5:20 a.m.
Dr. Hinton took a break
from eating and smiles at
the camera!
Another break from eating
to take a picture of other
Davideo with his catch of
the morning!
My to steam,
so fresh!
A strange find while
digging clams
Snack time - LB's home
made sweet dumplings
Picnic at Gold Stream Park
Yummy! Sweet dumplings
are almost ready...
Quiet and peaceful...
And then, dinner time!!!
Camp fire is burning,
camp fire is burning, draw
nearer, draw nearer...
Dr. Hinton, remember
Waiting for mashmellows...
Campfire song-singing
A stroll in the Beacon Park,
For once, Dr. Hinton is not
the subject of our shoot
Both Kinsley and his better
half, Terry, deserves a
What a model!
Look, he's here!
I want to be in the picture
Two long time friends
sharing a joyous moment!
What's so interesting?
I've got to take this shot!
Smile, Patrick and Julie!
Wow, he is so friendly!
After the double expresso
at the Marina Cafe, a walk
down the pier to enjoy the
B.C. sun!
Spring is here!
My favourite teacher!
Gone with the wind?
Nothing much, just a
typical B.C. scenery...
From Sea to Sky!
The FA66 group in front of
Empress Hotel, Victoria
Capturing the sunset in
What a beautiful sunset!
at dusk
Lights on!
In Vancouver by the Fraser
River with Miranda Leung,
(Calgary) Dr. M.C. Poon
(Calgary) and wife
Richmond Olympic Oval
already in service
most likely won't be here
next year (2010)

    Our Joint-School BBQ Event was successfully held at Milliken Park in Toronto on June 14, 2009. Over 100 people
    attended and everybody had a great time enjoying the good weather, good food and of course good company. Dr.
    Hinton was at hand to grace the event and helped in the cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the 20th anniversary of
    QESOSA Ontario. Below is a few selected pictures from the event day and more will follow. Visit this site often as
    news and photos of various events are updated.
While Mary Chiu has an
inside job
Jackie Chiu hard at work
(with Moo-moo apron, no
Tracking Dr. Hinton: Vancouver
Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized picture.
Over 100 people attended
the BBQ event!
Dr. Hinton chit chatting
with old boys and girls. He
looks as young as ever!
Watermelon time!
Good time are enjoyed by
James So pays us a rare
Picture with Dr. Hinton
Another group shot
The QESOSA Ontario 20th
Anniversary cake
Dr. Hinton with some
committee members
Cake cutting ceremony
QESOSA (Ontario) 20th Anniversary Celebration Event - Welcome Party for Dr. Hinton (2009)
Second 20th Anniversary Celebration Event - Joint-School BBQ at Milliken Park
Dr. Hinton with Mi Ki and
Susan, Nancy and Barbara
Mi Ki's beautiful home
Dr. Hinton with George
and Winnie Wong, with Mi
Ki on the right
Dr. Hinton shares a good
laugh with Woo Ming Ko
Group shot No. 1
Group shot No. 2
Third 20th Anniversary Celebration Event - Exploring Ontario (Trip to Camp Stellar)

    We have arranged a 3-day trip to explore Ontario with Dr. Hinton (June 16 - 18). The destination is a beautiful lake-
    front cottage Camp Stellar at Whitestone. Some came for a day-visit. As you can see the images below, it does
    provide a peaceful and quiet atmosphere for Dr. Hinton to relax while others pursue more sporty adventures. Please
    click the thumbnail to see the full-sized picture.
The dock of Camp Stellar.
Winnie & Nancy trying out
the paddle boat...Oops,
forgot to put on the life
jackets! Bad move!
George is trying hard to
hook the worm....
We're back... but no catch!
The dining room
Dr. Hinton relaxing in the
sun porch with Winnie
and of course James.
Bye bye! It has been a
wonderful cottage
In front of Camp Stella with
With a book in hand, bright
sun, warm breeze and lots
of laughter around....he's
Hello there!
Getting to know you...
Dr. Hinton chats with Julie
The Grand Finale - 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

    Our 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner, held on June 21, 2009 (Father's Day) was a smashing success! Old
    students as far as Down Under came to join this historical event. About 90 people attended and the whole evening
    was filled with smiles, laughter, hugs, music and dance. Dr. Hinton, Ms. Pamelo So, Mrs. Ruth Ko, Mr & Mrs. Chow
    came to grace the occasion. It's truly a night to remember. Below are some of the pictures taken that night:
Some sing-alongs for
warm up
and of course James.
The QESOSA Ontario mix
choir performs a Tribute
Song "To Sir With Love" to
all our teachers
To our health!
Dr. Hinton is busy signing
his autograph for his book
"Only A Teacher"
Lee Yun Gun (64) came all
the way from LA to join!
Picture taken with  
classmate Jennifer Ma
Our MC of the night -
James H.K. Tang, also  
founding President of
When old friends meet -
it's the happiest moment!
Dr. Hinton greets long time
friend Erika Whitney
by some Board members,
give toast to each and
everyone present
Dr. Hinton is happy to
meet so many of his
Our President Barbara
Yang welcomes everybody
Bill and Tilda Hui show
dancing to raise money for
our scholarship fund
Cindy Cheng (from NY),
Yip (Calgary) and Tilda Hui
(Toronto) are all from 68FA
Toronto Elton John?
George Wong shows his
prize but donates it back to
the scholarship fund, in
the true spirit of QES!
Everybody was trying to
hang on as long as
possible to not to let the
party end!
Lee Yun Gun shares a
laugh with Dr. Hinton
George Wong, Mary Chiu,
Dr. Hinton, Winnie Wong
and Julie Look (left to right)
Our "seniors" old students
pose with our teachers
                   I was greatly honoured by the warmth of the welcome I received at the 20th anniversary
    celebrations of the Ontario Chapter of the OSA.  It gives me great joy to know that so many of you have
    happy memories of your years at QES and that the education you received there, the wider education
    and not just the academic learning, has stood you in good stead in subsequent years.  I am very happy
    also to see that many of the friendships made at school have lasted over the decades.

            Education should aim at the development of the individual morally, emotionally, intellectually,
    spiritually and in other ways, i.e. at the full development of the individual as a member of society, and
    many of us teachers tried in our various ways to be true to this ideal   Friendship contributes to this
    development and so good friends are very important in our lives.  The older I get the more I appreciate
    the friends I have had and the friends, many of them from QES, who I still have and who contribute
    more than they realise to the continuing development of my life and understanding.

           To conclude this short homily I would like to emphasise that my years in QES formed an important
    part of my own education for, while trying to help in your education, I was myself being educated by your
    successes and failures, your behaviour, your ideas and activities.  I owe you my thanks.

    Arthur Hinton.

Message from Dr. Hinton following QESOSA (Ontario) 20th Anniversary Celebrations (2009)

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Dr. Hinton passed away on November 23, 2017. This web page is dedicated to our fond memories of Dr. Hinton.

In May 2015, a group of QES alumni from Hong Kong and Toronto went to UK to visit Dr. Hinton, celebrating his 95th
birthday. Nancy Tang has written an article "
慶賀韓敦校長九五大壽之旅" about this trip, which is in our Fall 2015
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