QESOSA Ontario

    From Lawrence Kar-Hiu (66 FA) and Cindy Mui-Ying (68 FA) Cheng, Huntington Bay, Long Island New York

    Cindy and I were honored to be invited to the QESOSA Ontario Chapter 20th Anniversary. We were
    hoping to see Dr. Hinton, Mrs. Phyllis Chow and Mrs. Ruth Wong-Ko and some classmates again.
    However, we were delighted to be re-united with Ms. So and many other former schoolmates that we
    had not seen for decades. Whenever we QES alumni gathered together, people often wondered how
    come we “Old Boys” and the young “Old Girls” would still “stick” together after all these years?
    Sometimes we wondered too. Maybe we were blessed by the good “feng-shui” on the hill-top campus
    at Sai-Yee Street with the aroma permeating from the 3 p.m. freight train arriving the Mong Kok Station
    every day. Maybe it was the friendship we developed while we went through the same classes during
    the QES years. Not to mention that some of us went through primary school, high school and even
    college together. Maybe it was the many meals of over-cooked rice or burned marshmallows that we
    shared around the camp fire that had glued us together. It seems that QES “Old Students” are
    everywhere. Many people that we know in totally different circumstances would somehow connect to
    QES through marriage, work place and friends of friends. We are fortunate that Dr. Hinton and our
    teachers would find time to join us and celebrate with us. We might not remember all the notes that
    they dictated to us in classes, but they surely had given us many tools to face the world. If we could
    survive QES we could survive anywhere. [Dr. Hinton had to write a letter to my college admission
    explaining why an average of sixty points was considered as a passing grade in QES]. For that we
    serenaded them with the song “To Sir with Love”. When we sang the school song that evening it
    echoed loudly in the Country Club House as if we were at the School Assembly Hall again. We hope
    that this torch of friendship and fellowship will pass on for generations to come. We missed those who
    missed this gathering and can only share our good time through the pictures.

Feedbacks and Comments from participants of our 20th Anniversary Events

    My husband and I did indeed have a wonderful evening.  I was extremely pleased to meet Mr. Hinton
    once again, as well as Miss Pamela So and Miss Ruth Wong, both of whom I have not seen for many
    many years.  I was also very happy to have the rare opportunity to reconnect and to reminisce with
    many of my former students, in particular Tony Tsoi, Lawrence Cheng and his wife, Cindy; as well as
    Doris Hui with whom I have lost contact for over 30 years.  I found the reunion program very well
    organized and I enjoyed immensely the singing and dancing.  As I had arrived early and prior to the
    commencement of the reunion celebrations, I had the privilege of witnessing the almost Herculean
    efforts of the committee members to finalize the last minute details for the evening’s festivities.  I
    deeply appreciate the efforts of all those involved with the planning, the organization and the
    implementation of this our 20th anniversary dinner.  I look forward to the next one!

    Phyllis K B Chow