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    On Saturday 12th June, 2010, over a hundred QES alumni and five teachers were thrilled to celebrate our former Principal Dr. Hinton’s 90th birthday at the Hilton Vancouver
    Airport Hotel in Canada.   Our esteemed QES Principal Dr. Hinton is well-known for his complete dedication to education, who nurtured our lives with his excellent teaching and
    genuine care.  He is both an outstanding educator and our friend for life.  

    The joyous celebration was jointly sponsored by HKQESOSA of British Columbia, QESOSA
    Ontario, and QESAAUSA.  In August, 2009, Miranda, Peter and Nancy sent emails to one another expressing a common wish among many QES alumni to celebrate Dr.
    Hinton’s 90th birthday in 2010.  They wrote to Dr. Hinton offering four options of celebrating his birthday: in the U.K, going on a cruise, celebrating in North America or any other
    way he preferred.  They were delighted to receive the following response from Dr. Hinton:  

    “Dear Peter, Miranda and Nancy, I am greatly touched by your concern to celebrate my birthday next year together with other QES friends and feel immensely flattered.  I can
    never understand why I am regarded with so much affection but I value this friendship very highly.…I would suggest Vancouver as being perhaps the most convenient centre for
    friends coming from California and Toronto, ..…With best wishes and thanks for "conspiring" to arrange a celebration, Arthur.”

    The Vancouver Committee for Dr. Hinton’s 90th birthday party did the lion’s share of detailed planning and preparation.   The Organizing Committee consisted of:  Kitty Chong,
    Edward Chue, Ellen Ip, Cindy Lin, Wendy Liu, Norman Lo, Peter Poon, Nancy Tang, Heidi Tsang, Kenneth Tsang, Sandra Wong, Cathy Wong, and Miranda Yeung.  The
    professional slideshow of Dr. Hinton, “Only a Teacher?” was produced by Jerry Liu and the beautiful programme book was designed by Cheuk Tam.

    Dr. Hinton greeted with affection at Reception and Birthday Dinner

    The reception began at 6 p.m. when Dr. Hinton was surrounded by many happy alumni and had pictures taken with them.  At 7 p.m., Miranda delivered the opening remarks.  
    She extended a warm welcome to all attendees and said, “Dr. Hinton just turned 90 barely two months ago and his two children gave him a wonderful celebration in England
    with six grandchildren, two great grandchildren and forty guests. Tonight we are truly honoured and privileged to have him with us to celebrate his birthday once again.  I invite all
    of you to rise and applaud to welcome Birthday King Arthur”.  

    As Dr. Hinton was escorted by Peter representing QESAAUSA, Nancy representing QESOSA of Ontario, and Ellen, President of HKQESOSA of British Columbia, into the
    beautifully decorated ballroom, everyone stood and applauded our Guest of Honour.  At the centre of the stage, the Birthday Banner and the flags of Canada, USA, Hong Kong
    SAR, Australia and New Zealand were displayed on the wall, indicating the countries from which the attendees came.   Peter gave a welcome speech, an excerpt of which was
    as follows:  “Dr. Hinton has not changed - he is always warm, loving and kind. He always sticks to his principles, thinks on behalf of the students, fights for the underprivileged,
    and is a pacifist….Our love towards Dr. Hinton has not changed.  He always has a special place in our hearts…We are very proud of QES and our QES teachers….”  Ms.
    Baptista, Ms. Linda Li, Mr. Walter Ng, Mr. Chak Bun Lau, and Mr. Yuet Tang Lee each received a round of enthusiastic applause.  
    Dr. Hinton then addressed the alumni.  He was touched by the affection of so many QES alumni throughout the years and appreciated the fact that the attendees came from
    Canada, the U.S.A, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.  He was especially glad that Peter had mentioned the excellence of QES teachers, five of whom were present at
    the birthday party.   Dr. Hinton emphasized that the dedication of QES teachers was instrumental in making QES an excellent school.   He was very proud that QES students
    were not only academically outstanding but were active in their service to the public, as exemplified by schools established by the QESOSA.  He received a standing ovation
    from the grateful and happy alumni.

    Ellen, President of HKQESOSA of B.C., delivered greetings to the alumni and friends. On behalf of the QESOSA BC chapter, she welcomed the alumni members from
    different parts of the world and the enthusiastic local alumni.  The BC Chapter was delighted to have the honour of being the host of the Birthday Party.  Through months of
    preparation by the dedicated organizing team, the party became a reality.  Their hard work and dedication deserved all the tributes and compliments.  Ellen mentioned that they
    also planned to prolong the celebration atmosphere by organizing a picnic on the following day to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the HKQESOSA of BC.  Every alumni
    member participating in the picnic will get a QES souvenir T-shirt as compliment from the BC Chapter.  She extended the invitation to the party attendees and wished them a
    wonderful night.  

    Peter, joined by teachers and alumni, gave a toast to Dr. Hinton, “Happy Birthday Dr. Hinton!  We wish you good health and many happy returns.  God bless you!”  During Peter,
    joined by teachers and alumni, gave a toast to Dr. Hinton, “Happy Birthday Dr. Hinton!  We wish you good health and many happy returns.  God bless you!”  During dinner, a
    slideshow of Dr. Hinton from childhood to the present was shown on a large screen, which included precious pictures of him and Mrs. Hinton, Dr. Hinton with QES teachers and
    students and his participation in various functions with QES alumni.  Jerry’s outstanding slideshow was so powerful that it brought laughter and tears to the audience.

    Suddenly, the light in the ballroom was dimmed and a birthday cake was wheeled in.  We all sang Happy Birthday to Dr. Hinton.  As Dr. Hinton blew the candles and began
    cutting the cake, everyone sang “For he is a jolly good fellow, for he is a jolly good fellow….”    A thunderous applause ensued, with much excitement and joy.  Then the alumni of
    various FAs had group pictures taken with Dr. Hinton and the teachers.   Anecdotes were given by Mr. Walter Ng, James Tang and Edward Chue.   Louisa Leung presented a
    QESAAUSA group photo to Dr. Hinton expressing happy birthday wishes.

    After enjoying the delicious birthday cake, the party attendees were given a chance to do some physical exercises.  Ellen announced to the party that there would be a folk
    dance session.  What could be more distinguished than Folk Dancing from the QES extra-curriculum activities?  In order to refresh their memory in the activity, five beautiful
    QES girls in costume performed a demonstration and led them in the folk dance. The alumni were brought back to their memory lane of the QES school hall where they had
    their funs and good times in this activity.   Three folk dances were demonstrated namely:  
    1. Road to the Isles (a Scottish folk dance)
    2. Chestnut Tree (people dancing for the harvest of the chestnut blossoms)
    3. Tango Mixer (music movements in a tango beat)

    A majority of the alumni enjoyed learning the folk dances again and highly complimented this activity.   Many expressed that they enjoyed this session most.

    Amy Chan, Kingsly Lo and FA66 led a dedication of songs and a special presentation to Dr. Hinton.  The special presentation was a check to Dr. Hinton’s 90th birthday
    scholarship fund by FA 66 with a total of  $ 7,350 HK dollars.  

    On behalf of Peter and Miranda, Nancy thanked first and foremost Dr. Hinton, at his ripe young age of 90, for braving the thousands of miles to Vancouver and helping us make
    this celebration possible. The over 100 guests of teachers and fellow students from the four corners of the world, the diligent and efficient Organizing Committee in Vancouver,
    the many alumni volunteers who gave wonderful performances and the staff at Hilton Hotel all contributed to the success of this memorable evening.
    Nancy also thanked Dr. Hinton for his lifetime dedication to his students and the education system in Hong Kong. She said, “On top of being “Only a Teacher”, Dr. Hinton is also
    a practicing humanitarian and through him we appreciate our school motto, vos parate ut serviatis,  also echoed by the title of a Hollywood movie enjoyed by Nancy lately:
    “Paying it Forward”. After accepting our invitation to have a birthday celebration, Dr. Hinton wished anyone who wanted to give him a birthday gift, instead make a donation to
    the Hong Kong QESOSA Education Promotion Organization Ltd. to help students with learning and financial difficulties. After being away from Hong Kong and his teaching
    career for decades, his heart is still very much with us and Hong Kong. His selfless birthday wish instigated our united action. Together with those who could not come but made
    donation, all attendees at this birthday party are following his path of “Paying it Forward”. This Dr. Hinton 90th Birthday Scholarship Fund is only made possible with Dr. Hinton’s
    kindness and the generous support of many.”
    While anticipating the Dr. Hinton 90th Birthday Scholarship Fund will continue to grow since Dr. Hinton will continue his North American visit to Toronto, Nancy thanked Dr.
    Hinton as well as all donors for the awesome campaign result:  $60,000 Hong Kong dollars (a rough estimate provided by Peter) and $7,350 Hong Kong dollars from FA66

    As of September, 2010, the final total amount of donation towards Dr. Hinton’s 90th birthday scholarship fund is approximately $83,614 Hong Kong dollars, consisting of the
                $76,000 Hong Kong dollars from all FAs (except FA66) and five teachers
                $7,614 Hong Kong dollars from FA66.
    Note that $76,000 Hong Kong dollars is an estimate provided by Peter which is approximately equivalent to $10,288 Canadian dollars, the amount of bank draft purchased by
    Nancy.  On October 21, 2010, Nancy, Miranda, Peter, Amy and Elisha will present the bank draft to Yolande Wong of QESOSA Education Promotion Organization Ltd.  The
    exact amount in Hong Kong dollars will be based on the currency exchange rate and fees.   A list of donors from all FAs (except FA66) and 5 teachers  is attached.  The
    donation of $7,614 Hong Kong dollars from all FA66 donors (a separate list)  has already been presented to QESOSA Education Promotion Organization Ltd.  The
    scholarship fund will be used according to the wishes of Dr. Hinton who wrote that “Should anyone feel strongly about giving me something, then I suggest a donation to the
    OSA Education Promotion Organization, particularly to aid students with learning difficulties or who might, for financial reasons, be facing the possibility of discontinuing their
    Cindy and Elisha with guitarist Louis Chan led the spirited “Sing Along” with the audience, singing many songs including “Those were the days”, “To Sir with Love”, “You are my
    Sunshine”, “O Susanna”, “Kookaburaa”, “The Happy Wanderer”, “Land of the Silver Birch”, “Red River Valley”, “Morningtown Ride” and “Loch Lomond”.

    It was not easy to say goodbye.  We held hands and formed circles, singing Auld Lang Syne again and again.  The birthday party came to a close after we sang our QES
    School Song.  Words cannot describe the depth of affection and love of all our alumni towards Dr. Hinton.

    June 10, 2010   Trip to Whistler with Dr. Hinton  

    Fourteen of us including Dr. Hinton went on the trip to Whistler.  Starting at 9:30 a.m., we happily crammed into two seven-passenger vans and talked with one another all the
    way except Paul, Miranda and Nancy who were our gracious drivers.  The first stop was Shannon Fall Park where a lot of photos were taken with the abundant flow of water
    from the beautiful Fall as background.  At about 1 p.m. we arrived at Whistler Village.  We all felt hungry and hunted a restaurant for food.  We settled separately in two of our
    liking and had hot soup and sandwiches, accompanied by a lot of talking.  After we were satisfied with food, we strolled in the village, shopping and visiting art and craft shops.  
    We did not want to miss the opportunity of going up the famous ski Blackcomb Mountain by gondola.  However, the weather was cloudy and visibility was poor up on the
    mountain so we decided not to go up.  We then decided to go to Lost Lake.  For some reason, the guide, although a frequent visitor of the Lake, missed the trail to the Lake.  
    We were quite tired and, considering it would be too much for Dr. Hinton to walk on uneven paths, we gave up and went back to our vehicles.  It was 4 p.m. and we had a dinner
    reservation in Vancouver at 7 p.m.  We joked all the way back that the Lake was lost.  The guide, who was also one of our gracious drivers, did not want us to miss the beautiful
    Lake.  When we all sat comfortably in the vans, he led the way to the parking lot which was designated for unloading heavy picnic items, recreation boats and special vehicles
    with permit.   We all got down to see the breathtaking Lost Lake found by the persistent guide.  We had a beautiful group photo taken in front of the Lake by our professional
    photographer Mi Ki.  This pleasant trip ended with a gourmet meal at Kirin Restaurant in the City Square of Vancouver.

    June 13, 2010    Picnic celebrating 20th Anniversary of HKQESOSA of B.C.  

    The HKQESOSA of BC organized a picnic to celebrate their 20th anniversary on the day following the Birthday Party.  About 80 alumni and families participated and made the
    picnic a success.  We were overwhelmed to have Dr. Hinton, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Ng, our out-of-town alumni, local alumni and families.   The picnic site was the Riverfront Park at
    Marine Drive in Vancouver.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the sunshine, the fresh air, the riverside scenery and the most important, the friendship.  Besides the catered
    lunch, a few outdoor games and folk dancing were planned as the activities of the day.  However, many alumni proposed to have more folk dancing and they even did not want
    to stop.  They were thrilled because they never had folk dancing ever since they left QES.  They danced till they dropped.  The picnic day ended cheerfully in the early afternoon.  
    We all enjoyed this celebration which also served as a mini reunion of principal, teachers, alumni and families.  It was hard to bid farewell and we hoped our paths would cross
    Please view our photo albums at:  
    http://www.flickr.com /photos/qesosabc/      
    Dr. Hinton's 90th birthday Party/ Whistler trip/ HKQESOSA of B.C. 20th Anniversary picnic    (This includes 183 photos taken by our expert photographer Mi Ki Kan)
    Bsrc=GetSharingLink&Bpub=SDX.Photos   (Photos contributed by FA66)

Dr. Arthur Hinton’s 90th Birthday Celebration in Vancouver
by Miranda Yeung, Peter Poon, Nancy Tang, Ellen Ip