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                               Joint School BBQ with Friends from KCOBA, QCOBA and BPSAA

he Joint School BBQ Event was successfully held on July 21, 2012. Over 100 people attended this fun-filled event.
Some pictures taken at the BBQ are shown below but you may also click
here to view the entire album.

It was perfect weather for a BBQ – bright and sunny and yet not too hot, with a soft breeze keeping us
comfortable and cool. Not only did everyone enjoy the yummy BBQ steaks, sausages, hamburgers, chicken wings,
salad, water melons, bananas, peaches, they also enjoyed each other’s company.

We exchanged smiles and greetings, chatted and updated each other on what has been going on. Some friends
brought their family along and these youngsters enjoyed the great outdoors too.

James SK Tang prepared some games for everyone to play. These games were challenging and fun and you can
win a prize too!  

The comments received from the friends were all very positive and appreciative. Everyone had a great time. I
would like to thank all those who helped to make this event a great success.

- Ivy Yan -