Our Joint-School BBQ Event was successfully held at Milliken Park in Toronto on June 14, 2009. Over 100 people
    attended and everybody had a great time enjoying the good weather, good food and of course good company. Dr.
    Hinton was at hand to grace the event and helped in the cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the 20th anniversary of
    QESOSA Ontario. Below is a few selected pictures from the event day and more will follow. Visit this site often as
    news and photos of various events are updated.
While Mary Chiu has an
inside job
Jackie Chiu hard at work
(with Moo-moo apron, no
Over 100 people attended
the BBQ event!
Dr. Hinton chit chatting
with old boys and girls. He
looks as young as ever!
Watermelon time!
Good time are enjoyed by
James So pays us a rare
Picture with Dr. Hinton
Another group shot
The QESOSA Ontario 20th
Anniversary cake
Dr. Hinton with some
committee members
Cake cutting ceremony

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QESOSA (Ontario) 20th Anniversary Celebrations (2009)

First 20th Anniversary Celebration Event - Welcome Party for Dr. Hinton
Second 20th Anniversary Celebration Event - Joint-School BBQ at Milliken Park
Dr. Hinton with Mi Ki and
Susan, Nancy and Barbara
Mi Ki's beautiful home
Dr. Hinton with George
and Winnie Wong, with Mi
Ki on the right
Dr. Hinton shares a good
laugh with Woo Ming Ko
Group shot No. 1
Group shot No. 2
Third 20th Anniversary Celebration Event - Exploring Ontario (Trip to Camp Stellar)

    We have arranged a 3-day trip to explore Ontario with Dr. Hinton (June 16 - 18). The destination is a beautiful lake-
    front cottage Camp Stellar at Whitestone. Some came for a day-visit. As you can see the images below, it does
    provide a peaceful and quiet atmosphere for Dr. Hinton to relax while others pursue more sporty adventures. Please
    click the thumbnail to see the full-sized picture.
The dock of Camp Stellar.
Winnie & Nancy trying out
the paddle boat...Oops,
forgot to put on the life
jackets! Bad move!
George is trying hard to
hook the worm....
We're back... but no catch!
The dining room
Dr. Hinton relaxing in the
sun porch with Winnie
and of course James.
Bye bye! It has been a
wonderful cottage
In front of Camp Stella with
With a book in hand, bright
sun, warm breeze and lots
of laughter around....he's
Hello there!
Getting to know you...
Dr. Hinton chats with Julie
The Grand Finale - 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

This dinner party on June 21, 2009 was filled with smiles, laughter, hugs, music and dance. Dr. Hinton, Ms. Pamelo So,
Mrs. Ruth Ko, Mr & Mrs. Chow came to grace the occasion. It's truly a night to remember. Below are some of the
pictures taken in that evening:
Some sing-alongs for
warm up
and of course James.
The QESOSA Ontario mix
choir performs a Tribute
Song "To Sir With Love" to
all our teachers
To our health!
Dr. Hinton is busy signing
his autograph for his book
"Only A Teacher"
Lee Yun Gun (64) came all
the way from LA to join!
Picture taken with  
classmate Jennifer Ma
James H.K. Tang, also  
Our MC of the night -
founding President of
QESOSA Ontario
When old friends meet -
it's the happiest moment!
Dr. Hinton greets long time
friend Erika Whitney
Dr. Hinton, accompanied
give toast to each and
everyone present
Dr. Hinton is happy to
meet so many of his
Our President Barbara
Yang welcomes everybody
their skills in ballroom
dancing to raise money for
our scholarship fund
Cindy Cheng (from NY),
Linda Lee (Toronto), Irene
Yip (Calgary) and Tilda Hui
(Toronto) are all from 68FA
Toronto Elton John?
George Wong shows his
Connie Lee won the first
prize but donates it back to
the scholarship fund, in
the true spirit of QES!
Everybody was trying to
hang on as long as
possible to not to let the
party end!
Lee Yun Gun shares a
laugh with Dr. Hinton
George Wong, Mary Chiu,
Dr. Hinton, Winnie Wong
and Julie Look (left to right)
Our "seniors" old students
pose with our teachers
                   I was greatly honoured by the warmth of the welcome I received at the 20th anniversary
    celebrations of the Ontario Chapter of the OSA.  It gives me great joy to know that so many of you have
    happy memories of your years at QES and that the education you received there, the wider education
    and not just the academic learning, has stood you in good stead in subsequent years.  I am very happy
    also to see that many of the friendships made at school have lasted over the decades.

            Education should aim at the development of the individual morally, emotionally, intellectually,
    spiritually and in other ways, i.e. at the full development of the individual as a member of society, and
    many of us teachers tried in our various ways to be true to this ideal   Friendship contributes to this
    development and so good friends are very important in our lives.  The older I get the more I appreciate
    the friends I have had and the friends, many of them from QES, who I still have and who contribute
    more than they realise to the continuing development of my life and understanding.

           To conclude this short homily I would like to emphasise that my years in QES formed an important
    part of my own education for, while trying to help in your education, I was myself being educated by your
    successes and failures, your behaviour, your ideas and activities.  I owe you my thanks.

    Arthur Hinton.

Hot off the Press! Greetings from Dr. Hinton!

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QESOSA Ontario
Mi Ki and Susan Kan was our gracious host who took a bunch of QES schoolmates and Dr. Hinton to their
beautiful home for a "warm up" Welcome Party. Then they had a dinner gathering at a Mississauga
restaurant and everybody had a great time. Here are some of the Welcome Party pictures.