QESOSA Ontario
Loss of a beloved former teacher and principal of QES - Mr. Terry Chamberlain

I first met Mr. Chamberlain in 1955 when he arrived in Hong Kong to join the staff of Queen Elizabeth School.  Mr. Cheong Wai
Fung, the Principal of QES, asked me to meet him and to see that he settled down in the hotel to which he had been allocated
until he could find government quarters.  In fact I did not need to do more than welcome him as his elder brother, who worked
in the PWD, was there to meet him.  I invited him to my home with his wife and children for lunch a few days later and
thereafter we became good friends, a friendship which lasted long after we had left Hong Kong.

Mr. Chamberlain soon proved to be an excellent teacher of Mathematics and a valuable colleague who established friendly
relationships with both students and colleagues.  A keen hockey player and for many years a stalwart of the Hong Kong
hockey team, he introduced hockey to the school and soon recruited an enthusiastic team of hockey players.  He was not only
a gifted teacher and sportsman but an outstanding educator, concerned about the development of his students as people, not
only as students who passed their examinations.

After a few years in QES Mr. Chamberlain was transferred to Northcote Traing College (later renamed College of Education),
but then in 1967 he returned to QES as Principal when I was transferred to be Principal of Northcote.  I was sad at leaving QES
but was delighted that he was to take my place, knowing that the school was in good hands.

I was disappointed when only three years later he was moved from QES to be the Principal of Sir Robert Black College of
Education, yet this had fruitful results for the Colleges.  Thanks to our eagerness to co-operate and our friendship with the
Principal of Grantham College of Education, Mr. Kwok Wai Man, also a former teacher at QES, we were able to introduce
valuable improvements in the Colleges, particularly in the method of selecting students.  We now did this jointly instead of
each College conducting its own separate selection procedure.  Moreover, in our meetings in the Education Department we
were able to speak with one voice, having decided beforehand on our policy.

After Mr. Chamberlain and later I retired we remained in close touch.  He and his wife stayed with us in Vienna and we with
them in England and later, when he became ill, I was able to visit him a few times.

Mr. Chamberlain contributed much to education in Hong Kong and, through his personality, enriched the lives of those who
came in contact with him.  I am grateful to have had the privilege of knowing him.

Arthur Hinton
We just learned of the sad news that our beloved former teacher and principal Mr. Terry Chamberlain passed away on
January 18, 2012. Mr. Chamberlain was well loved by his students and staff and as told by Dr. Hinton (see below), he
contributed much to the Hong Kong education system throughout his career. A note of condolence has been sent to Mr.
Chamberlain's family from QESOSA Ontario Chapter.