This year is the 15th anniversary of QESOSA Ontario Chapter and
a buffet lunch was held on July 24, 2004 (Saturday) at China Buffet
King, Scarborough to celebrate the occasion.  Almost 70 people
attended the function including former schoolmates, their family
members/relatives and guests from other old student associations
from Queen’s College, Belilios Public School and La Salle College.
Some of our Board’s “prized collections”, mementos and
memorabilia circa 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s were on display at the
event.  These included yearbooks, school tie, school emblem,
school badge, house badge, membership pins for the various clubs
representing various extra-curricular activities, and countless other
items related to QES over the past 50 years.  On display were also
photo albums from every social activity organized by the Ontario
Chapter since its inception in 1989, collected with tender loving
care by Nancy and James H.K. Tang.

Following the singing of O Canada and the school song led by Mr.
Max Wong (61), all present enjoyed the sumptuous buffet lunch
and a “guessing” game of matching “then” & “now” photographs of
the Directors of the Board.  Mrs. Susan Kan (wife of Mr. Mi Ki Kan)
and Mrs. Susan Leung (61) led all in the singing of “Today” and
“Those Were the Days” with their wonderful voices.

Mr. Mi Ki Kan (57) had produced and put up a remarkable slide
show of current images of QES with its newly completed extension
wing.  He and his wife visited QES last year and brought home
these wonderful pictures of our mother school and HK street
scenes that had changed so remarkably due to years of
development.  Everyone present received a postcard sized
bookmark with a picture of QES new main entrance.  A heartfelt
thanks to Mi Ki’s generosity and thoughtfulness.

Selwyn Chow hosted a “guessing game” with the luncheon guests.  
It involved guessing the names of individual alumni, by identifying
and matching the “before” and “after” pictures of Board of
Directors.  The “before” pictures were old photos taken in their
youth, to be matched with current photos of members on the
Board.  Julie Sham took the grand prize by correctly matching all

Our President Mr. Henry Lee (61) advised the attendees that as a
result of the series of events celebrating and commemorating QES’
s Golden Jubilee in Hong Kong on November 28th, that the AGM for
our Ontario Chapter would be deferred from its usual timing of
November each year, to January 2005.  This deferral is to allow our
Toronto alumni who will be joining in the festivities of the QES GJC
in Hong Kong, to have time to return to Canada, and to compile a
mini presentation, to be shared and viewed by members of the
Ontario Chapter in early 2005 at our AGM. Henry also took the
opportunity to brief fellow schoolmates of the QESOSA Secondary
School Student Overseas Trip Sponsorship Program (see separate

The 15th anniversary celebration has been a joyful and memorable
gathering, which brings back the fond memories of those QES
school days and rekindles our friendship once again.

by Marca Suen (70) and Julie Look (67)
QESOSA Ontario
15th Anniversary Celebration of QESOSA Ontario
Our golden MCs, Selwyn Chow and Nancy Tang
Everybody enjoying the all-you-can-eat buffet
Mi Ki Kan presenting a wonderful slide show
Our President Henry Lee addressing everybody
The grand prize winners
The "Before" and "After" game
The heroes behind the scene, the Board of Directors