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Our reception team. From left: Szeto Kuen Yee
(68), Leung Ping Chiu (68), Lee Ching Ming (68),
So Man Yee (67)
Display boards mounted with memoir of the good old days.
The late Mrs. Hedy Hinton with Ms. Ruth Wong.
Group photos taken with students from each graduation year.
QESOSA Ontario
Where it all began.....
A collection of rare photos and articles of yesteryears. First is a series of pictures taken when Mr. Hinton
visited Toronto on June 10, 1989. A welcome dinner was held in Ontario Place in honour of Mr. and (late)
Mrs. Hinton. The event was organized by QES students from Ontario and the eastern coasts and sowed
the seed for the formation of QESOSA Ontario. The rest, as they say, is history.